How many hours from Riyadh to Russia

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The distance between Riyadh and Russia

Riyadh is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the longitude 46.72185, and the latitude 24.68773, and rises six hundred and twelve meters above the sea, while Moscow is located in Russia on the longitude 37.61730, and the latitude 55.75583, and rises a hundred and fifty two meters above the sea level, The distance between the cities of Riyadh and Moscow is 2,193 miles; equivalent to 3,529 kilometers, and an average plane speed of five hundred and sixty miles takes approximately four hours and thirty-two minutes to pass the distance between the two cities.


Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the name Riyadh refers to gardens or meadows, and it has been named by this name because of the fertility of its land located at the corners of the valleys and the spot, and Riyadh is located in the middle of Saudi Arabia, and the Arabian Peninsula alike, and it occupies an area estimated at six hundred miles Square, i.e. equivalent to 1.550 square kilometers, and is also home to 5,188,286 people, according to estimates in the year two thousand and ten, as well as the city of Riyadh is one of the few cities in the world that developed very quickly, and turned from a small desert village in size, closed in the seventh century Ten, to the modern city of Tah We have millions of people in the twentieth century.

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Russia is the largest country in the world by area, with an area of ​​17,098,242 square kilometers, and it shares borders with fourteen countries, namely Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Finland, China, Norway, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Poland, Latvia, and Ukraine And, Lithuania, Belarus, and Estonia, it is noteworthy that Russia includes Mount Elbrus, which is the highest summit in the continent of Europe, and Lake Baikal, which is the deepest lake in the world, and beyond that this lake contains one-fifth of the fresh water found in the whole world.

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