How do I get to bride hill? Many people, especially those nature lovers, spend their annual vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, a question that their answer is searching for. After many visitors shared the magnificence of the amazing panoramic scene that you can enjoy immediately upon arriving at Camlica Puppet Hill, which includes a group of charming natural places, it seems almost like a beautiful painting taking your mind with it, everyone started looking for how to reach it easier and faster Possible ways. And because we in the Arab travelers would like to not spoil your trip for you, we will show you the easiest way to reach this hill of brides, so follow us.

Camlica bridal hill

Puppet Hill, or what is known as “Shamliga”, is a hill from the hills that were built Istanbul between them, and perhaps the main reason for the popularity of this hill is due to the fact that you can see the city of Istanbul in all its divisions, if you can climb it.
It is recognized that the bride’s hill is divided into two parts, the first being the largest chameleon, the highest of which is above its counterpart, and through which the appearance of beauty increases, because the height makes you see nature with a more beautiful eye. As for the second, it is not less than two thousand meters high, and you enjoy wandering about its lush gardens, in the midst of planting and greenery.
And on top of the puppet hill there is a famous café that many people flock to drink Turkish coffee while enjoying its charming view of the pine trees, next to the Bosphorus Bridge, so you can imagine the beauty of the scene now, so what if you were one of his visitors? You might not believe that you are part of that beautiful art painting.

How to get to the bridal hill in Istanbul

Bridal Hill is located in Buyuk Shamlija, Uskudar, Istanbul Asia.
If you want to go there, you must take a steamship towards Oskudar, then rent a private car.
You can also visit it through the use of public buses, which bear the numbers 9A, 11E, 14E, F14, as you can enjoy a tour along the way to get to know other attractions in the town. And, after you get off the bus, steps away you will be at the Puppet Hill.
Although climbing this hill may be difficult for you, the magnificence and beauty of the view over the hill of brides can make you forget the hassle of going up.

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