A guide to the best places in Kuwait for families, Kuwait is distinguished as one of the most important Gulf states, and it is called the Gulf Bride, because it has many entertainment and enjoyment facilities that you will have through your visit to this wonderful country, because it is a country that still maintains the Gulf and desert character of it, despite Building many tourist places and leisure products, because it has many unique and unique beaches, Arab travelers show you the most important tourist places in the State of Kuwait.

The best places in Kuwait for families

The State of Kuwait is one of the Gulf countries, which is distinguished, like the rest of the region, by its desert nature and its very hot climate most of the year. The State of Kuwait overlooks the Arabian Gulf coast, a short period that Kuwait was able to join the tourist countries in the Gulf region, and even became one of the best, due to the urban development It is clear that many tourist resorts are established on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, while preserving the desert and ancient Arab nature. Each year, it receives all the various international activities, opening commercial exchanges with most of the world.

The most prominent tourist places in the State of Kuwait

  • Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers consist of three towers, and they were built at the head of a cantilevering cliff overlooking the Arabian Gulf coast, officially opened in 1979 AD, and the largest tower height among them reaches 187 meters, and it has spherical parts that revolve around themselves every 30 minutes, which is the most prominent thing in Kuwait’s capital There are two towers of them that carry electrical equipment in one of the spherical objects that are found in the towers, and other bodies carry water, which works to provide lighting at night in various parts of the city, while the third tower is dedicated to entertainment, where there are cafes and a restaurant where you can taste delicious types The food beside enjoying the view of the city from above, the times of Ml inside the tower from 8 am till 12 pm at night.

  • the green Island

The green island was established in 1988 AD, on an area of ​​approximately 785,000 square meters, it is located in the middle of the sea and connects it with the beach a corridor of length of about 134 meters, which is an industrial island with everything in it, and is considered an attractive point for many tourists because it is an important waterfront for a country Kuwait, there are a lot of different entertainment means that help you spend a fun time inside, and the most important of these means is the artificial lake, which feeds from the waters of the Arabian Gulf through tides, the tower that reaches a height of approximately 35 meters, and also there are many stadiums Green, restaurants and cafes, a large theater that houses about 700 people Types of damage to the arts, there is also a small castle for children to enjoy and spend a happy time.

  • The Great Mosque

It is considered the largest mosque in Kuwait and it is the official and main mosque in the state. It was established in 1982 AD and was built on an area of ​​about 45,000 square meters, and it has a main prayer hall which consists of 144 windows and was built to accommodate 10,000 worshipers inside it, and includes a prayer hall for women For 1000 prayers, and a dome of up to 43 square meters with a diameter of 26 meters was also built, and the names of Allah the Most Beautiful were written on it and they contain in its construction most of the main mosque area, and it contains a huge library located on an area of ​​350 meters, a large room to receive the guests of the mosque, a minaret In Andalusian style, all doors are made of wood decorated with gold.

  • Failaka Island

Velika Island is located 20 km from the shore of the Arabian Gulf, specifically in the north of the Persian Gulf, and covers an area estimated at 24 square kilometers within the Gulf. The island is one of the most important historical tourist places for the State of Kuwait, and it is also considered a cultural destination, if you want to visit the island you must She goes to her during the spring, because the island’s climate varies greatly in this season, the temperature is moderate, and flowers of various colors open in all parts of the island.

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