“Icehotel” in Sweden

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Icehotel” in Sweden - “Icehotel” in Sweden

“Icehotel” is one of the most exciting hotels in the world. The hotel was opened in Sweden again for the winter season, and it consists of 15 unique suites.
Since 1989, every year Icehotel has been rebuilt in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and next to the banks of the Torne River.
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30,000 cubic meters of a mixture of snow and ice used by artists and designers to build the hotel in this year’s 29th edition.
The hotel also includes deluxe suites, which are uniquely designed, and includes an ice hall and a main hall where 1000 hand-polished snow crystals were used to create wonderful chandeliers.
1581190039 56 “Icehotel” in Sweden - “Icehotel” in Sweden

The hotel opened on December 14, and included 150 design shows, in addition to 15 teams comprising 34 artists who came from 13 countries, including British duo Jonathan Paul and Marni Green, who designed the “Living Ocean Suite” room.

“The pavilion is inspired by climatic changes and the overfishing that affects our oceans.” This is what Mr. Green pointed out during his description of the pavilion, which depicts an attractive and amazing underwater world, which was completed with coral reefs carved on ice, shells and fish.
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Icehotel Specifications

Other designs include “Spruce Woods” by Christopher Banco and Jenny O’Keefe from Canada, and these designs allow guests to sit around an “ice” fire at a forest camp site near an old VW camper.
As for the “Flock” room, it was designed by Lisa Lindkvist and Ulrika Talling, a British and Swedish group, and it has birds engraved in the walls.
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The Haven room represents a magic ice gate guarded by a smart fox and a fiery dagger, created by artists Jonan Johansson, Jordi Claramont and Lucas Petco from Sweden, Spain and Slovenia.
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Icehotel was launched by Discover the World until March next year.


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