It belongs to the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage. The museum was built in (1403 AH) corresponding to 1983 AD on a land area of ​​7000 square meters, and it was opened to receive visitors in (1407 AH) corresponding to 1987 AD The museum contains:

Museum exhibition halls.
Coefficient of area and drawing.
Photography labs.
Restoration and laboratory laboratories.
Restoration and laboratory room.
TV showroom.
Researchers housing.
Library: It includes a collection of specialized books in addition to some periodicals and publications.

Museum exhibition halls:

Entrance Hall: It contains paintings showing the archaeological sites in Al-Ahsa area, the network of museums in the Kingdom, photographs and heritage pieces.
Prehistoric pavilion: in which texts and pictures that talk about the beginning of man, the formation of the Earth and the geological layers in it, prehistoric times and pictures and stone tools for their different locations in Al-Ahsa and Wildlife, and the beginning of domestication of animals and marine life in the region are displayed.
Pre-Islam Pavilion: It talks about the Dilmunian period, pictures and finds dating back to that period in addition to maps of land and sea trade routes in the Arabian Peninsula, and the alphabet of writing and languages ​​in the Arabian Peninsula before and after Islam and provides examples of them.
Wing of the Islamic period: It talks about the Islamic period in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, entering the region in Islam, showing pictures and finds of it, the period of local rulers of Al-Ahsa (Ayouni, Asfouroun, and Jabriya) and the Ottoman period and the first and second Saudi state until the recovery of Al-Ahsa at the hands of the late King Abdulaziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud.
The Kingdom Unification Pavilion: It talks about uniting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it presents pieces of folklore, Bedouin life, agricultural and urban rural community, and ancient cities and markets of Al-Ahsa.

Work is currently under way to prepare studies and scenarios for the museum exhibition to establish a museum of modern international specifications.

Visit dates:
From Saturday to Wednesday:
– The morning period from (8) until (2.30) pm.
Evening period from (4) until (9) pm.
On Thursday from (9) to (1) noon.
Friday from (4) until (8:30) pm.

Title :
Hofuf – Saudi Arabia – General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage – Al-Ahsa Museum.

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