Brighton is one of the European cities located on the south coast of England, which is close to the capital, London, where the distance between them takes less than an hour by train, and it is considered one of the most important and most popular tourist destinations within the United Kingdom.

It is one of the cities famous for its tourist resorts, very beautiful and fishing, as well as enjoying many important tourist attractions that make it a tourist attraction for citizens of many countries in the world.
According to some statistics, the city has a population of about 119 thousand people, and its area is estimated at about 1.6 km2, and it is divided into three basic parts, each with a different name, including: (Brighton, Hove, Brol Slon) Brighton & Hove) metaphorically, and the people of Brighton enjoy a high degree of science and culture.
It is characterized by a pleasant climate, sunshine in summer and seasonal rains, in addition to the advanced economic level and the advanced educational level as it includes the best universities in the world such as Brighton University and University of Sussex.

Brighton tourism

This charming city includes a large number of distinct tourist attractions, the most important of which are the following:
– Beaches: Brighton includes a very large number of beaches that extend over a coast length of more than 5 miles, and these beaches are characterized by breathtaking beauty, charm and charm due to its clear blue waters and the most wonderful atmosphere, and when you visit one of Brighton beaches you will find that it includes many clubs Nightlife, fine restaurants, and many sightseeing and cruise activities you can take.
Archaeological museums: Brighton also includes a large number of museums dating back to antiquity and characterized by the ingenuity of architecture and picturesque appearance, including the British Regency Museum, Brighton Museum, Booth Museum, Brighton Hunting Museum, all of which contain many rare artifacts.
– Luxury restaurants: There are also a large number of distinctive restaurants designed in the highest degree of quality and professionalism in this city, and you will surely find the type of food you are looking for, given that they include a large number of Arab and international restaurants that offer varied and distinctive dishes.
– Tourist Villages: There is no more beautiful than the tourist villages that crowd the city of Brighton, and perhaps the most famous is the (fishing) village that has a very large number of winding paths of very beautiful shapes.
– Religious monuments: Brighton also has a large number of ancient churches and many mosques, the most famous of which are the Al-Quds Mosque, the University of Sussex mosque, and others.

Facts about Brighton

There are some facts that many people do not know about Brighton, such as:
– “Brighton” is not the full name of the city:
In fact, this city is known as (Brighton and Hove), as the two cities were combined to become one city in 1997 AD, and this was officially approved during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in 2001 AD, and despite this, many residents The indigenous city still considered them as two separate cities.
– Brighton is on the border with Britain’s National Park:
Also, many visitors to Brighton are unaware that although Brighton is a coastal city, it is only about 10 minutes away from the latest National Park within the United Kingdom in the South Downs.
Brighton holds a special title:
Due to the scenic coastal nature of Brighton, it has been called (London by Sea), and it is reported that Brighton became a destination for many vacationers and lovers of coastal excursions since the late 18th century, when King George IV became a frequent visitor to it. He built the Royal Pavilion Palace in the city which then became one of the most important unique tourist attractions in England.
There are tunnels below the city:
There are many statements that confirm that there are some tunnels under Brighton, and some attribute this to the fact that when the Royal Pavilion Palace was built, some tunnels were made around it so that King George IV could tour the city without anyone seeing him.
It contains the oldest water basin in the world:
Among the most prominent advantages of Brighton is that it includes the oldest water basin in the world called the Brighton Sealife Center, which dates back to the year 1872 AD, and it includes a very large number of rare species of fish and marine creatures with pictures that reach more than 100 different species.

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