The pleasant village of Rurinapac sits on the banks of the Rio Beni River in the Bolivian Amazon basin, where you sleep peacefully among the beautiful green hills when the sunset mesmerizes the blue of the sky to turn into a fiery scene igniting the fog slowly penetrating the bottom of the river and between the lush soft trees, and at darkness penetrates the roar of the rainforest Quiet place.

The origins of the residents who lived in the region differed, and this is clearly reflected in the vibrant streets, which are full of beautiful leather shops made by the famous leather craftsman Manuel Pinto, along with high-end hotels and restaurants that mainly cater to Western tastes. The indigenous people who live in it are called Tacna, and it is they who named the village Prorenapac, which is derived from the Spanish language which means duck lake.

Jungle adventures

The city is famous for the Maidi Benni National Park, where tourists come to experience the wonderful adventures of the bush. The park is located in the northeast of the city and is bordered by Peru to the west. It is characterized by its mountain slope, whose weather varies between cold in the high and warm in the low areas, and consists of the high Apolobamba mountain range extending to an area Amazon is rich in amazing plant diversity.

A few kilometers from the city center, El Chorro is located where the spring waterfalls descend on the horizons of tropical beauty to form large lakes that prevent access to the area except by boat. On the banks of the Yakuma River, one of the largest birds flying in the sky of South America, the Patos crociparas and dolphins of the Pink River can be seen.

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