Lipari is the largest of the islands in the italyn reservation of Eulayan, and is the only one in the archipelago that includes a beautiful ancient city spread under the majestic rock of the castle where the Greek civilization melted with the breathtaking beauty of nature. The houses climb onto the walls of the castle along the bay of Marina Corta and Marina Longa in the north and south to the beautiful Marina Corta.

The Greeks called it Libarye or Milligonis because of its mild climate and its geological complexity rich in scenic landscapes interspersed with twelve volcanoes formed on the island over thousands of years. It also contains an environmental museum and many steam baths with magical curative benefits.

The sights of the city include the ancient Greek Acropolis, some alleys studded with flowers, and a beautiful port that receives hundreds of yachts during the summer season. Ferries and boats also reach Marina Longa at Sotomonastero.

Away from the city, Lipari reveals the rugged landscapes of the Mediterranean in low Macaya adorned with dense Mediterranean shrubs between the highlands, meandering slopes and dreamy blue waters. Quattrocchi is one of the best tourist destinations on the island, about 3 km from the city and is famous for the great gray cliffs that dive into the sparkling sea waters where tourists can listen to the beautiful sunlight and marine activities enjoyable.

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