Zugdidi Georgia is one of the beautiful resorts on the Black Sea and one of the most beautiful Georgian cities, and although it is not very popular, it is characterized by its charming nature, which is an extension of the Kolkiti National Park and the Botanical Garden. The city enjoys warm weather in summer so that visitors can enjoy various marine activities, and it is also cold in winter to be a beautiful mountain ski center.

The beautiful Angourie Beach is just 7 km from the city, and contains the ruins of Rocky Castle, which is located on the banks of the border river with Abkhazia. The Dadiani Palace and Museum of History is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, and it was established in 1839 to include the oldest museum in the Caucasus.

The museum displays many relics dating back to different historical periods beginning with the end of the second millennium BC and reaching the end of the nineteenth century, among them the death bed of Napoleon which dates back to the year 1833, in addition to the Napoleon Library which contains hundreds of books, folders and private letters, along with Now, I am Napoleon silver and Chinese utensils. It is worth noting that the French loved the scenic nature of the city, and in 1850 they turned it into a center of natural silk production.

Beautiful resorts on the Black Sea

The city offers many beautiful resorts on the Black Sea, to which tourists come to enjoy sandy beaches, quiet streets, hotels, water parks and yacht clubs, the most famous of which are the Ghanmochori and Anaklia resorts that communicate with each other via a 552-meter pedestrian bridge. While known for its Scoury mineral water with medicinal properties, it is located in the stunning heart of the Scory Valley, next to the white fort dating back to the first and third centuries.

On the other hand, the countryside of the city includes many amazing natural places that are worth a visit, including the Canyon Cave of Intra, which is located inside the Indra River Basin, and is adorned with countless numbers of stalagmites and cataclysms penetrated by a waterfall of flowing water that makes its way out of the cave at an altitude of 26 meters .

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