Once you move into the small village of Alyas, on the two-lane highway inside the arms of the Saronian Mountains, there is a sign pointing down the narrow road about 2 kilometers ahead. And along 80 miles of beaches and villages between the cities of Fleury and Sarande, which are very affordable,
There is an area known as the Albanian Riviera. At the end of this road there is a pebble beach to reach the valley and from there to the depths of the blue Ionian Sea. This beach is called “Jigibi”.
And near the shore there are a number of isolated hideouts in the form of mushrooms, “mushrooms”, which were built by dictator Anfer Hoxa, who died in 1985, and they are deployed throughout the country to defend them against any foreign attack if that happens.
Galle Beach, three miles from down the main road. The beach is distinguished by the wonderful turquoise waters and the open air. There are taverna bashkitori restaurants, which means hunter in the Albanian language, and it is one of the many informal beach restaurants specializing in seafood.

In terms of budget,
€ 500 a week is enough to manage everything. starting from :
– Boat ride from Dubrovnik, Croatia, 300 miles away.
– Renting a car for four days at a price of 33 euros per day, “It should be noted that with the length of time, rental rates decrease.”
– Apartment in the city center of local families.
– Meals for huge restaurants are around 8 euros.
Enjoy daily cup of espresso and spring water in cafes located directly on the beachfront
For most travelers the starting point for the Albanian Riviera is Fleury, a somewhat vulgar city with lots of cafes in the air and lots of indiscreet music. There is some chaos in Fleury as there are almost no signs of street names, the drivers are very ugly, and there is tangible bump in construction projects. But this is not really surprising in this country which is still one of the poorest countries in Europe and managed to get rid of a quarter of a century of Communist dictator Huxa’s rule.
There is a museum of independence, in a two-storey house where Ismail Kemali, the first prime minister, said after the country gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.

Albania is known for its historical and archaeological treasures like the ancient city of Potrint, and it is on a certain stretch of coast. And Himmer Castle, a medieval site on the northern edge of the city across the street and over the hill from the Petit Gas Station.
You can travel to Albania from many European cities, but I suggest combining those with a trip with Greece, Italy or another Nation in the Balkans. From Athens, there are buses with daily 30-hour Florian tours that cost around 11 hours. There is a ferry from Brindisi, Italy Flore, “six days a week” and the value of 7 days in August is about 45 euros. There are buses from Croatia and Montenegro and it takes seven legs and just under 43 € from Dubrovnik to Fleury.

There are few hotels, private rooms and fewer web sites, though you can book online
Apartment in the city center, at 20 euros per night. “Albanian currency is equal to 142 Lake, 96 dollars or euros.” In July or August many rooms are more expensive.
As for my dining experience, I ate fresh fish, octopus, lamb, Greek and Albanian salads, and salty pancakes, until my stomach exploded due to too much food. The price for the meal is 8 euros.
The best restaurant in this country is the Greek restaurant, Taverna Veron, as it serves a variety of dishes and tastes “very delicious”.
After doing what I wanted for four days, the total bill was 460 euros or less.

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