In the following article, we show you information about Comoros and the reason for its name. The Comoros Islands are several islands linked to each other under the rule and sovereignty of a country called the Lunar Union. That country is located in the Indian Ocean, and it is very close to the eastern coast of Africa, It is located at the end of the Mozambique channel from the north direction, in the middle of northern Mozambique and north of Madagascar, and the total area of ​​the country is 2170 square kilometers.

Information about Comoros

It is one of the smallest countries located in the continent of Africa, and it is worth noting that it is one of the countries belonging to the League of Arab States and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, as well as belonging to the International Organization of la Francophonie and the Indian Ocean Commission, in addition to the state being a member of the African Union, and in the following paragraphs from Arab travelers show you the most important information about it.

The reason for naming the Comoros by this name

The Comoros was named by this name at the beginning of the second century of immigration, and the main reason for the name is that some Arab travelers who migrated from Aden and Muscat and attended death had landed on the lands of those islands in a day, and on that day the moon was full and apparent in the sky in a beautiful way And astounding, so travelers called this name, and there are some other sayings that explain that the reason for the name is due to the fact that the island is similar to the moon in shape.

Comoros population

Statistics presented by the World Bank in 2013 AD showed that the population of the Comoros country reaches 734,917 people living in an area of ​​2170 square kilometers, that the population of the country speaks Arabic, and that Arabic is the official language in it, as well as There is a class that speaks French, another class speaks the Comorian language, and the Comorian language is a language that combines Arabic terms and words with Swahili.

The capital of the Comoros

The capital of the Comoros country is the city of Moroni, and it is one of the largest coastal cities inhabited by a large number of the island’s population. Moroni is located in the southwest of the country, and its history dates back to the tenth century AD, and the city was established by travelers and Arab immigrants, it is worth noting that Moroni became the official capital of the country beginning in 1958 AD, and before that the capital of the country was Mayotte.

Comoros coin

The official currency that is adopted in the Comoros country is called the lunar franc, and that currency is denoted by “CF”, and the central bank of the country issues it, and it is worth noting that this currency was adopted in 1886 AD, and one franc consists of one hundred centimeters.

Work in the Comoros

The government in the Comoros country seeks to develop the economy in the country, and reduce unemployment and poverty, because the percentage of people who are unemployed in the country is approximately 14% of the total population, and work and economy in the Comoros country depend on several major areas, the most prominent of which are:

  • Agriculture: The field of agriculture is one of the areas most dependent on the population of the state for their work, as statistics have shown that 34% of the total population of the country work in the field of agriculture, and that the agricultural areas in the country have a significant population increase, studies have shown that there are about a thousand people In one square kilometer, coffee, cocoa and vanilla plants are widely cultivated.
  • Industry: The government is working hard to increase the education of the various industries in the country, with the aim of achieving development and improving the standard of living of the individual through increasing industrial and commercial activities and supporting the export of products.
  • tourism: The government always strives to stimulate tourism in the country and pay attention to tourist attractions, especially since Comoros contains many tourist beaches visited by tourists from all countries of the world, such as the Seychelles Beach and Mauritius.


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