What is Malta famous for?

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Malta is a European country located in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the smallest countries in the world, with an area of ​​0.8 km2, and it is the most densely populated, with a population of 416,055 people according to the statistics of 2011, and its most important characteristic is its strategic location, which made it one of the countries That has been occupied and invaded over time, occupied by the Romens and the Phoenicians, and Malta is distinguished by its many important tourist places, so millions of individuals visit it annually, and in this article we will talk about the most important thing that Malta is famous for.

What is Malta famous for?

Climate of Malta

Malta’s climate is characterized as a medium climate, as it is located within the subtropical regions, so the weather is warm and rainy in winter, hot and dry in summer, and the average annual temperature ranges between 16-23 ° C, and the precipitation rate reaches 500 mm, most of which falls in the winter The average number of sun hours in Malta is more than 3000 hours per year, which is one of the highest in Malta with an average of 12 hours per day in July, and five hours in December.

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Tourism in Malta

Malta is distinguished by its great tourism ability despite its limited capabilities and its small size in the area. It is worth noting that Malta has access to tourism needs, which was a major reason for tourists to come to it, except that it is distinguished by its mild climate in winter, as the average temperature in it reaches ten Celsius, and this is what made the English tourists flock to it in April and October, and Malta is characterized by the arrival of sports teams to it, which live in its cities, hotels, and camps due to its moderate climate, just as the cities of Maniha and Valletta are famous for the many hotels and sandy beaches in it, but evening They are few, and internal and external tourism not only depends on the beaches, but also extends to the hot springs that are abundant in the island, as it is a resource for many of its residents in the field of healing and natural medicine.

The economy of Malta

Malta is a small island country, and this is a strong reason that made it remain weak compared to the neighboring countries, where it has the largest area, and this feature made its residents not find materials to help them flourish, which made the most important and biggest economic resource is marine fishing and tourism.

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Note: The Maltese authorities are keen on preserving the inherited pattern that would punish every aggressor, so all of its beaches do not have any aspects of nudity on the shores of other European countries.

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Do you like many holidays? So try to stay in Malta! Learn more about this small island in the heart of the Mediterranean:

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