What is Yemen famous for?

المسافرون العرب

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The Republic of Yemen is an Arab Islamic country located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula, which is located in the western Asian continent. The state of Yemen is bordered to the north by the State of Saudi Arabia, and bordered by the Sultanate of Oman on the eastern side of the country, and it has a coastline overlooking the Arabian Sea from the south, and a coastline overlooking the Red Sea from the west. The capital of Yemen is the city of Sanaa, and it is the only country from the region of the Arabian Peninsula where there is a republican system, and Yemen was part of the historical Kingdom of Sheba. In our article, we will talk about one of the Arab Asian countries, namely Yemen. We will learn more about this country and its most important characteristics.

What Yemen is famous for

Natural Resources

Among the most important of what Yemen is known for its richness in natural resources that have not been fully exploited yet. Among the most important resources are gold, lead, salt, copper, oil, fish, coal and nickel. It is also famous for cultivating cotton, vegetables, cotton, lentils, and corn. Among the most important exports are cotton, vegetables, leather, petroleum and dried fish.

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Craft industries

Among the most important characteristics of the State of Yemen from other countries is the multiplicity of handicraft industries that produce it, because it contains many raw materials that help in this, in addition to the talent and artistic sense of its population. Among the most attractive to tourists in Yemen are these handcrafted and handcrafted products, and one of the most important handicraft industries in it is the manufacture of the Yemeni agate, which is sourced from precious stones, which are extracted from the stomachs of the mountains. There are many colors of this agate, such as red agate, dates agate, blue agate, black agate, and white agate as well. Among the handicrafts that Yemen is famous for is silver, which is distinguished from its history and originality. Other important industries include the Bosnian industry, the Badia industry, the elbow industry, the manufacture of daggers and pleurals, and the manufacture of Arab silver guns.

Population of Yemen

As for the inhabitants of this country, the vast majority of them are indigenous people, and they constitute the tribes that have lived in the country since ancient times. Among the most important of them are the Hamadan, Hamir, Kinda, Maafar, Hadramout, and others.

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Religion and language in Yemen

As for the religion that prevails in the country, it is the Islamic religion, and the official language in the country is Arabic, and yet there is a minority that speaks the Amharic language for the people who live in eastern Yemen, and their dialect is influenced by the ancient Sabaean language that prevailed in the country ages ago.

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