Information about Heathrow airport

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In the next article we show you information about Heathrow airport and its location, there are many international airports in the state of Britain, which are one of the largest airports in terms of area and congestion in the whole world. There is also the largest aviation center in the world in the capital of Britain, London, in addition to six airports that can accommodate what Almost one hundred and thirty million passengers, and Heathrow is one of the most famous of those airports, statistics showed that he had received nearly seventy million travelers during the year 2015 AD, and his planes travel to nearly two hundred countries around the world, and in the following paragraphs of the Arab travelers we show You have information about his site though Loyalty.

Information about Heathrow airport

During the war in the United Kingdom, the airport was planned to be built, and it was opened during the year 1946 AD, and at the beginning the airport was designed in the form of tents as staging stations, as the airport offices were located in trucks, until the northern station was established in the period of the fifties of the last century, and in 1961 AD Another station was opened, which is Heathrow Terminal, and during 1968 AD, and in 1986 AD, other stations were opened.
In recent years, Heathrow has become one of the busiest European and international airports, so it is ranked third after Dubai Airport and Hong Kong Airport, as it is ranked sixth in the list of airports that receive most travelers, and it is worth noting that the number of travelers increases in each new year, statistics have been recorded That the airport in 2016 AD, has received about 75,700,000 passengers, as for its airlines, it provides services from about eighty six airlines located in eighty-four countries around the world, and the airport has four operating stations, and the runway has been opened His third in 2016 miles Oh, and what distinguishes him is his interest in the facilities service for travelers, such as the presence of consulting rooms in the buildings belong to him, in addition to the halls for prayer, facilities and cars, as well as shopping malls.

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Heathrow Airport website

The airport is located in the United Kingdom, specifically in England and London, and the airport code is “LHR”. As for its location in terms of longitude and latitude, it is located at -0.46 and latitude 51.47, and what distinguishes it is that there are more than five hundred international routes to it, as it has The runways that help planes land at night, and there are many types of aircraft, such as jumbo, commercial aircraft, in addition to transport planes that travel long distances, and there are passenger planes, single-engine aircraft, in addition to short-haul transport aircraft.

Tips before traveling from Heathrow

There are some tips that must be considered when traveling from the airport, and the most important advice:

  • Always make sure to arrive shortly before taking off on the flight.
  • When traveling on a long flight, it is necessary to arrive at the airport three hours before departure.
  • If traveling to a European destination, you must arrive at the airport two hours before departure.
  • In the case of traveling on an internal flight, it must arrive one hour and a half before departure.
  • The airport allows carrying a handbag while traveling, but there are some things that are not allowed to pass through and travel, such as the ignition of substances that have flammability, explosive materials and gases, in addition to lighters and toxins, and materials that emit radiation.


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