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Pyramids are found in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it extends from the city of Giza to the city of Fayoum, which are buildings built by the ancient Egyptians in the year 2630 BC. These buildings belonged to the kings, and the artists at that time were engraving in the hieroglyphic language on the walls of the burial chamber of the royal mummy, where they were writing hymns and texts to be read in front of the gods to protect them in their other life or after the dead.

The pyramids were built with mudbrick or clay, and they were built in the desert west of the Nile River, where the sun sets directly behind it, where they believed that the king’s spirit when he died goes to the sky at the rise of the sun, and when the sun sets, the rest of the same goes back to the cemetery. .

The burial chamber of the king is found in rooms beneath the surface of the earth, and sometimes there are other rooms adjacent to the king’s room to put his own things, and his possessions so that he can use them in his other life, and from among them contains some valuable things, which exposes them to many cases of theft and impurity , And small pyramids of priests, and the great state.

Scientific research says that the pyramids were built of clay and heat, while American and French studies say that they were stones that were cast in wooden molds, and were treated with heat until they took their natural and current form, where the ancient pharaohs were adept at the science of chemistry and the treatment of clay, but They used it as a secret method, they did not tell it to anyone, and they did not allow anyone to see it, and scientific studies also confirmed that the stones made of the largest pyramid were made of two types, natural and clay-made stones.

In research also, the researchers emphasized that the stone on which the base was built is made of natural stones, while the high stones are made of clay, as it is unreasonable for a person to lift a stone that reaches thousands of kilograms. A mixture of calcareous clay, which was heat treated by stove, was poured with salt, and then water was vaporized from it to form a clay mixture, to pour on the walls of the pyramid.

The reason for building the pyramids

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids because they believed that these pyramids protected them after death, as they buried their dead while in the position of the fetus while in the mother’s womb, to facilitate his birth process again, and over time, the cemetery expanded to become a room, and it is possible to have two or more rooms .

The names of the pyramids in Egypt

The pyramids are considered among the wonders of the seventh world, and among these are the following:

  • The Great Pyramid (Khufu).
  • The middle pyramid (Khafra).
  • Younger pyramid (squeaked).

The Great Pyramid (Khufu)

And occupies an area of ​​13 acres, and a height of about 146 meters, and the length of the base of the base about 230 meters, and the weight of the stone approximately from one to eight tons or more. The owner of this pyramid is King Khafra, which is an acronym for his name which is: “Khnum Wei Fei”, which means: Khnum protects me, since Khnum is the name of a god, and this king has only one statue, and it is made of ivory, and its length is about 8 cm.

The construction of this pyramid lasted approximately twenty years, and the construction of the runways and walls underground continued for about ten years. The internal stones were used for the pyramid from the area surrounding the pyramid, while the external stones were taken from Mount Tora, while the granite stones used to construct the rooms are taken from the quarries of Aswan, by way of the Nile River.

The stone was cut and separated from each other, in order to put the wooden pegs between them, and then put water on them to impregnate the wood, and was separated again to be replaced by a stronger stone such as granite or diorite stones.

The ancient Egyptians used sandy roads to build the pyramids, by placing pieces of stone on wood, and they were pulled with ropes, sprinkling water on the sand to facilitate the process of drawing, and the sandy road is considered one of the most important achievements that the ancient Egyptians made in the form of the ancient Egyptians. And the length of the road is approximately 1,460 meters, and the process of transporting stones is considered a difficult process, where the bodies of workers were found with some deformities in the spine.

The room where the king is buried is located at the bottom of the pyramid, the second room is called the Queen’s Chamber, and the other rooms, the engineers have moved the stones in it, to reduce the weight of the king’s burial chamber. The original faces of the pyramid face the four sides, and the stones are fixed next to each other, with voids to facilitate the entry of air into them. On the eastern side of the pyramid, there are tombs for the members of the King Khufu family, his mother (Hetep Haras), his senior staff, and his staff, as well as his staff, and their headquarters

The middle pyramid (Khafra)

Khafre’s name means “great”, its height is about 136 meters, the base length is about 210 meters, and it is close to the largest pyramid in terms of height, as it was built on a region slightly higher than the larger pyramid.

Next to the pyramid there is a small temple to perform religious rituals in it, and the road to this temple is about 500 meters, and the height of the facade of the temple is about 13 meters, and it can go to that temple by the Nile River.

Minor pyramid (perforated)

The height of the Menkaure pyramid is approximately 66 meters, and the king’s basalt sarcophagus is found, where it was found in the Basque Bay, when it was transported from Egypt to England, where it was said to be the curse of the Pharaohs.


It is in the form of a lion as a symbol of strength, but it possesses a human head as a symbol of wisdom. Originally, a piece of stone was deformed to the view of the pyramid, so it was carved in the form of a human face, it was carved with limestone, and it was colored, and the traces of colors are still visible to this time behind the ears, The Great Sphinx is located in the western part of the Nile, in the city of Giza.

Pyramids secrets

Scientists have discovered the secret of the enormous energy in which the pyramids were built and the heavy stones raised in them. Studies have shown that bodies built in the shape of a pyramid create a kind of energy that affects humans, solids and plants, but we do not know the truth of these studies; where it is clear that the following:

  • Purify the contaminated water after putting it inside the pyramid for several days.
  • It dries and embalms eggs and milk, and cannot spoil no matter how long it takes.
  • She works on polishing old jewelry.
  • It helps to keep the milk fresh.
  • Works to keep flowers dry, while maintaining the shape and color of the flower.
  • Feeling comfortable while sitting near the pyramid.
  • The speed of growth of plants kept within the pyramid three or four days.
  • Healing some wounds exposed to the pyramid, as well as tooth pain, headache, migraine, and others fade better.
  • When a razor is placed close to the pyramids, and it is south-to-north, its sharpness and quality can be restored as if it were a new one.
  • It works to prevent the damage of smoke, as it loses nicotine, and smokers do not like cigarettes, which causes them to quit quickly.

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