Watching the Garden of Miracles in Dubai with pictures through the Arab Travelers website will lose you the desire to resist the desire to visit this glittering garden in Dubai at the earliest opportunity, because simply looking at its pictures will make you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of its magnificence and its charming beauty that captures the heart directly; this unique garden exceeds The number of roses is 45 million, and although the roses are picturesque in themselves, the roses in the garden are distinguished by being employed to make stunning designs, which doubles their beauty.

Dubai miracle garden pictures

Dubai miracle garden pictures
Dubai miracle garden pictures

Information about the miracle garden in Dubai


  • The lost garden: It is a distinctive flower garden located at a depth of 20 feet, and has a large number of picturesque designs prepared from flowers and plants.
  • CABANASThe perfect place to take a break from wandering in the garden, where there are many places for sitting and surrounded by flowers.
  • Butterfly Corridor: It indicates the distinct bitter flower of its developing exterior design in the form of huge butterflies in bright colors.
  • Flower clock: It is a huge watch shaped in its outer frame in the form of a large flower and it grows a variety of flowers.
  • 3D designsLarge, sculptures made of flowers, each of which combines the beauty of exterior design with the splendor of shapes and colors of growing flowers.
  • EMIRATES A380: Anthropomorphic plane with flowers.
  • Disney area: Includes large figures of Disney’s most famous characters, these figures are wrapped in flowers.
  • the lakeSurrounded by beautiful floral designs that grow on its banks and crown it.

Restaurants and cafes

  • Hardee’s / Terrible Internet: American kitchen.
  • Azrat Lebnan / Fatayer / Mohammad Kurdi: Arabic cuisine.
  • Bhoujan: Indian cuisine.
  • Pizza Hut: italyn cuisine.
  • Saj2Go: Lebanese cuisine.
  • Krispy Kreme: Donut.
  • Meat & Eat: Sandwiches and drinks.
  • Candy Shop / Ammen : Candy.
  • Cool & Cool / Mr. Sugarcan / Passion Fruit Juice / Rukn Al Sundus: Drinks.
  • Raspberry Yoghurt: Dessert + ice cream.
  • Gelato House: ice cream.
  • DMG Cafe: Coffee + ice cream.
  • Pop Shop: Popcorn.
  • Grilled Corns: Roast Corn.
  • Honey Nuts: Nuts.

Ticket prices

  • For children younger than 3 years old to 12 years old: 40 AED.
  • For people over 12 years old: 55 AED.
  • For groupsThere is a discount on ticket prices and the cost of group tickets can be found by communicating via the following email: [email protected]
  • Prices for organizing events and festivals: It varies depending on the type of event, equipment and services desired, and to know the price in particular, you should contact us via the following e-mail: [email protected]

Ways to communicate

  • TitleDubai Land area.
  • Telephone number: +971 4 422 8902.
  • Fax Number: +971 4 432 4941.
  • E-mail:[email protected]

times of work

  • from Sunday to Thursday: From 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Friday Saturday: From 9 am to 11 pm.

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