Guide to the most beautiful islands of Greece, cheap honeymoon is recommended to visit, Greece is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for many grooms to spend the honeymoon and enjoy their first marital trips together, there they find their way to visit and all their historical attractions, quiet romantic atmosphere and many exciting tourist places that It gives to the trip of a lifetime a lot of magic and special pleasure, especially that Greece includes hundreds of islands that are intended for grooms and tourists from all over the world to explore its beauty, charm and romance, for each of these islands has its own character and atmosphere that makes it distinct from others, and it varies a Shame islands in Greece between cheap price and expensive, but it eventually brings them together calm, romantic and breathtaking beauty and you have more information on Arab travelers.

Before traveling to Greece:

  • It is known from the Greek people that it is one of the most concerned people with healthy foods, so you will eat your food more healthily than ever, in addition to its popularity with seafood, which is one of the main foods of the Greeks, and in Greece, only local foods are served Where it is difficult to find any other international food or kitchens, whether oriental or western kitchens.
  • Greece is known for its cheap prices compared to other European countries, and this is reflected in the prices of food and transportation.
  • In all countries and Greek islands, police are always keen to roam the streets to ensure stability and ensure that safety prevails in the country.
  • Most people in Greece speak English, which increases interaction and fun without hindrance.
  • Most hotels, restaurants, cafes, groceries, street vendors, and taxis deal in cash and rigor.
  • The Greek people are distinguished as a very friendly social people welcoming their guests.

The most beautiful islands for honeymoon trips in Greece:

  • Corfu Island:

This unique island that combines a wonderful mixture of sophistication and beautiful nature, where greenery and ancient history, always intended by grooms to spend their honeymoon, it is influenced by the city of Venice, and this island includes many tourist attractions that make it a romantic tourist front suitable for spending the best times , Where the ancient region and small villages scattered all over the island, as well as its pure emerald beaches and delicious food.

  • Lesbos Island:

This island, which offers much more beauty than is seen with the naked eye, in fact there are many islands that teem with hotels and many resorts, so grooms can spend their honeymoon amid excitement and pleasure in exploring Byzantine and Romen ruins and exploring traditional villages, bays, olive groves and many wonderful beaches The hot springs and the woods of the fossilized trees are the best and most unique honeymoon holidays.

  • Rhodes Island:

This is an ideal island for grooms wishing to spend a special honeymoon, as it includes many high-end resorts, there you can relax between the breathtaking landscapes of the heart and the breath of breath, and explore the ancient ruins and history of this wonderful island, where the splendor of its beaches located on the east coast, and contain many It is among the villages that lie hidden among the green hills, and its local cuisine that combines the western flavor with the delicious oriental taste.

The most important Greek islands for honeymoon at cheap prices:

  • Santorini Island:

It is considered one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the most famous islands of the Mediterranean region. This island, which is famous for its charm and its own beauty that many poets have sung and has been an inspiration for their poems since ancient times, Santorini belongs to the Cyclades Archipelago, and it is visited by grooms from all over the world for the honeymoon and enjoyment It is surrounded by unique Greek architecture, breathtaking nature, magnificent buildings, and white houses that embody the magnificence and beauty of the brilliant Venetian architecture. High-rise, white paved streets, white houses, and blue waters.

  • Paros Island:

One of the most charming and romantic Greek islands, as it is suitable for a honeymoon vacation. Paros Island is located in the Aegean Sea. Among the most distinguishing features of the island of Paros is the purity of its waters, its picturesque beaches and its unparalleled nature, in addition to the calmness of the residential atmosphere in it which gives rise to romance, therefore it is considered one of the European destinations best suited for spending honeymoon days, as the island provides a great opportunity for recreation and use Taa the scenic splendor of nature amidst the picturesque rural atmosphere.

  • Mykonos Island:

This island is famous for its charm and being one of the best tourist destinations in the world, due to the enjoyment of the island of Mykonos with its natural beauty and the originality of its culture and its heritage, as well as the picturesque classical architectural style, and one of the most important distinguishing it is the splendor of its location in the Aegean Sea in south-central Greece, this island is filled with many Beautiful scenery, interspersed with winding white corridors and narrow streets, as well as the presence of many tourist facilities such as art galleries, shops and many restaurants to spend an unforgettable romantic dinner.

  • Crete:

It is considered one of the largest islands in Greece and is considered the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, and it is one of the most visited islands by grooms due to its beauty and varied nature, in addition to it includes many tourist places, antiquities and historical and ancient places, Crete enjoys its mild climate and a happy continental climate. And romance, it is truly considered one of the best Greek islands for a honeymoon holiday because it gives grooms a great opportunity to enjoy exploring its tourist and natural attractions, such as the fjords, caves and other tourist places such as the village and lake of Zaros and the Elgr Park Kuo.

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