Information about the monuments of Alexandria

المسافرون العرب


Alexandria is an Arab-African city established in the fourth century B.C., located in the northern side of the Arab Republic of Egypt on a longitude of 29.91667 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 31.2 degrees north of the equator, bordered by both Lake Mariout and the Mediterranean, with an area of ​​2.679 Km², and it was named after Alexander the Great, and she has twins with many cities, such as Casablanca, Izmir, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, and Jeddah.

Information about the monuments of Alexandria

Bey Citadel

The Qait Bey Citadel was constructed at the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, and was destroyed in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in the year 702 AH, where it was built by order of the Sultan Sultan Abu Al-Nasr Qaitbay in the year 882 AH and its construction was completed in the year 884 AH. .

Mast mast

The pillar of the masts is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and one of the highest memorials in the world. It was built from granite in the third century CE to commemorate the emperor Diocletian, and is located on the hill of Bab Sidra between the areas of the Kom el-Shoqafa archaeological area and the Muslim cemeteries known as the tombs of the column. It is 27 m long and 26.85 m high.

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Romen Theater

The Romen theater is a relic of the Romen era. It was constructed in the early fourth century AD in the area of ​​Kom El Dekka in the center of Alexandria. The theater was discovered by chance in 1960 AD while removing dust from the area to search for the tomb of Alexander the Great at the hands of the Polish mission, and it took thirty years to excavate it.

The eastern port

The eastern port is considered one of the oldest ports established on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and it contains a sand station, and the areas of Shatby, Bahri, and Mansheya, and it was established by order of Alexander the Great with the aim of giving the city a great position in the trade sector.

New Alexandria Library

The New Alexandria Library is located in El-Shatby, specifically on the coast of the Mediterranean, and was built at the beginning of the third century BC by order of Ptolemy II, and the library is considered one of the most prominent cultural monuments at the level of Egypt and the world, as it was a beacon for the whole world two thousand years ago, where it is located More than eight million books.

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Ancient tombs

  • Mustafa Kamel tombs: It is located in the Mustafa Kamel area, and it consists of four tombs carved into the rock, and these tombs were discovered by chance between 1933 and 1934 AD, dating back to the end of the third century and the beginning of the second century BC.
  • Al-Shatby Ancient Tombs: It is located between the Corniche Road and Port Said Street in the Al-Shatby area, and was discovered in 1893 AD, and dates back to the late second century and early third century BC.
  • The tombs of Kom el Shoqafa archeology: It is located on the southern side of Mina Al-Basal neighborhood in the Kom El Shoqafa region, and it was called this name in relation to the crushers and clay remains.
  • Al Anfoushi Cemeteries: It is located on the western side of the city, specifically in the Bahri region, and dates back to the third century BC, and was discovered in 1901 AD, and the number of its funerary buildings is five buildings.
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