An integrated guide to one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Salzburg, which is one of the most beautiful cities of Austria and the most charming at all, as it contains a lot of tourist attractions such as wonderful markets, archaeological sites, and recreational places in addition to the beauty of nature that God granted to the city, where the Alps surround it from each side in a view Solo also enjoyed a moderate atmosphere in the summer.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Salzburg Austria:

Salzburg is known as the most beautiful city in the state of Austria thanks to its poetic nature, and its reputation for music and various arts, and it is located within walking distance from Munich and Vienna, and we will talk about its various features, and activities that can participate in it

Salzburg’s Old Town:

The old city is one of the most ancient heritage sites in Salzburg, and it has been under the auspices of UNESCO for culture and monuments since 1997 AD.
The center of Salzburg is one of its most popular areas, and many national events and celebrations are held in it, which attract tourists to participate in these joyful and exciting events.
The ancient city is known for its ancient narrow alleys, which smell fragrant in history, and in which the walking will be a time shift, a sea of ​​ideas, and memories that smell from the walls.

Activities to do in the old city:

  • The old town contains many museums, temples, churches, parks, and shops.
  • You should not miss horseback riding during your visit to the old city, which will accompany you on a tour of its various sights and its many monuments.
  • You can visit the Museum of Nature House, which prepares for the areas in it, which contains many artifacts, technical displays, and beautiful natural scenery.
  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art, which contains many paintings that express the beauty of modern art by international designers.
  • The Old Town has many restaurants, on top of which is the M32, which is a delightful delicacy, with impressive views of the city. You can take several pictures to document this impressive experience.

Heilbronn Palace:

  • Dating back to the Renaissance Palace of Heilbronn, it boasts a unique location at the foot of Mount Hillborne, and the beauty of its architecture built on elegant italyn styles.
  • The palace contains a lot of elegant stone benches that express the beauty of the architecture, and the magnificence of the design, which are found throughout the palace around the dining tables made of stone, and it exits the water very attractive.
  • You can enjoy walking around the palace to better learn about its history, its various monuments, and see the craftsmanship engraved on the walls and ceilings in addition to the huge antique statues.
  • You will feel a lot of idyllic while wandering in the palace garden that includes a water pond, and impressive fountains, which are suitable for taking memorial photos.
  • Water fountains designed in the form of benches invented by the city’s governor in the past where they were deceiving your guests through dumps with water, and no one can visit the Palace of Heilbronn without the water reaching it.


It contains a lot of green spaces that are comfortable for the soul, which will make you feel a lot of refreshment, as the mountain reaches a height of more than 500 meters, and it is intended for tourists and residents in order to tour its beautiful parks.
You can also take the mountain express train to reach the mountain or walk to explore it, amid the charming nature.

Museum of Modern Art:

  • The Museum of Modern Art has two branches, one of which is Robertenon, which is located in the middle of the old city, and offers many examples of modern art and techniques known today, and the other branch is Monchsburg, which is on the roof of the houses of the old city, and displays many wonderful artifacts that express contemporary art in addition to the beauty of nature .
  • You can walk around the museum to explore it better while taking pictures of you with different paintings, and modern art is known to be a little incomprehensible, and it takes a lot of study to know the artist’s destination but at the same time is interesting, and interesting.
  • In the museum there is a special section for the youngsters, where many of their activities are carried out, in addition to various photo galleries.
  • The museum is equipped with a shop that sells many valuable books as well as souvenirs.
  • Around the museum there are many restaurants and cafes that serve great coffee, and it is open every day except Monday.

Mirabell Palace:

  • It is characterized by the splendor of the architectural design, the abundance of green spaces, and the flowers blooming in attractive colors, making it one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.
  • The most important characteristic of the Mirabell Palace design is its combination of italyn design and French design. The palace also contains many sculptures that express the beauty of Baroque art.
  • Mirabell Palace Hall is one of the luxurious halls where many concerts are held, and important events in it, such as the distribution of international awards, and the work of many competitions, and you will be surprised that the palace is used to make weddings as well.
  • If you are a theater enthusiast, the palace has a large theater that includes many statues made of marble.

Fantasia Salzburg Theme Park:

  • One of the most beautiful places to entertain and enjoy time in Salzburg, which is the secret of many families, and young people go to it.
  • Fantasia has many different games among them, some are not found anywhere in the world, and games are suitable for different ages, some are action, some are mystery, and some are water games.
  • You can walk around the amusement park with your children to explore its various features, and enjoy seeing the superhero figures, and legendary heroes such as Prince Frog, Cinderella and Sinbad.
  • In the park there is a part of safari trips in the forests of Africa, where you will find a wooden raft that carries your children to wonderful factors. You can also take river boats or ride cars, and wander in the woods.
  • There are many interesting and exciting games in the amusement parks, which will increase your children’s enjoyment of their visit to the amusement parks, including the fast train that roams them in imaginary worlds, and the cart that raises them to a high height and then descends again. You will definitely have a lot of fun.

Hohen Castle:

It is one of the largest castles in Salzburg, which dates back to the 11th century, and it can be said that it is the largest castle still fully preserved in design, in the center of the continent of Europe.
As for the location of the castle, it is located at the top of the Vestungsberg mountain, and it was built by order of the city’s bishop, and it is characterized by the beauty of the view from the top of a mountain, which is one of the reasons for its attraction to local tourists and foreigners.
You can take the mountain train to reach it, and at the same time you will feel a lot of relaxation, relaxing in the arms of the green nature.

Shopping in Salzburg:

Among the best places to buy different, and most popular, widgets that allow tourists to enjoy a unique and enjoyable shopping:

Outlet Salzburg:

It is one of the most beautiful places to buy widgets in Austria at all, and discounts sometimes amount to more than 70 percent of the price of the product.
Outlet contains more than 100 shops in addition to many world famous brands, places to serve food and drinks.

Getreide Gas Street:

One of the most wonderful experiences you will experience shopping, walking in the city’s Gitrede Gasse Street, which is full of small houses of great height, which you will find on both sides of the street above the shops frequented by tourists to buy the wonderful local products of Austria.
The street contains stores that sell precious jewelry in addition to clothes on the latest fashion, great antiques, leather, various cosmetics, women’s and men’s perfumes in addition to various accessories.

Linzer Alley:

It is the most popular market in Salzburg, it contains many shops specialized in textiles and handicrafts in addition to shops selling antiques, antiques, and various restaurants, and there is an abundance of antique houses dating back to the fourteenth century.

Green Market:

From the popular markets of Salzburg, which are held from Monday to Saturday in front of the university church, various foods are sold of meat, pastries, vegetables, fruits, and other fresh items in addition to many local commodities. There are also many small stalls on the green market Fast food.

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