Istanbul tramway track

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In detail, get to know the tramway path in Istanbul, Istanbul is the city that is unique in its location between two continents, where the western section is in continent and Europe, while the eastern part is located in Asia, and it is one of the very big cities in terms of the total area of ​​the city, which is approximately 2 km (equal to 2). 707 sq mi) is located west of the Marmara region.

Istanbul tramway track:

Istanbul is the capital and largest city in Turkey, and it is inhabited by a population with an estimated population of approximately 13.4 million people. Then it becomes its second most populous global arrangement, and the city is divided into three main regions, Istanbul Peninsula and the Beyo ومعlu Province, along with the Province of Besiktas, which represent one region, and both the Askudar and the Chalcedon Province, which together represent one city as well.
There is no doubt that the large area enjoyed by the city and the large population were a reason for traffic congestion, which made the metro system a suitable system for the city and traffic congestion, and then the first metro line was established in the city during the twelfth century, and it has become one of the most important means Basic transportation in Istanbul.
Therefore, the city has four tram lines and three metro lines, one of which is: a metro line that runs from Aksaray to the airport and vice versa, a modern Istanbul metro line that runs between Taksim and 4 Levent and finally a metro line that connects modern Istanbul and old Istanbul.
Among the vital tram lines in Istanbul, the old Istanbul tram line that runs from Zeytinburnu and reaches Qabatache and vice versa, including the line in the Asian part of Istanbul that connects Kadi Kou and Moda, and the difference between the metro and the tram is that the metro is an electric carriage and runs in underground tunnels The tram carriages move above the ground.

Metro lines of interest to tourists and city visitors:

  • Exrai metro line – Al-Katar and vice versa, which passes a number of stations, the most important of which are the Exrai station, the wish station and the bus station that includes all buses that go to the various provinces of Turkey, the Merter Station and the Zeytinburnu station, which are considered one of the most important stations, linking the different areas of the city and there are some wholesale clothing stores , In addition to the Bakirkoy terminal, which is located in a residential area and finally the International Ataturk Station, from which both domestic and foreign flights also take off.
  • Taksim Metro Line – 4 Levent, which passes through 6 important stations, which are: Osmanbeek station, and there are a number of clothing stores and others, and Sisli Station, and there is the well-known Jawaher Mall, then there comes the Great Tabah station, which contains the new Astoria Mall, then station No. 4 which is Levent Station, which was distinguished With the well-known Metro City Center, Canyon Mall and finally Station 4 Levent.
  • Taksim metro line – Qabatash and vice versa: It is an important and vital line because it connects old Istanbul and modern Istanbul where the metro journey starts from Taksim to Qabatash station and there is the Kabatash tram station and the well known Qabatash port.

Here we will mention some tram lines that are of interest to tourists from outside the country:

Zeitbirnu-Qabatash tram line and vice versa, and it is considered one of the most important tram lines at all due to its passage in the old city of Istanbul and because it passes a very large number of stations that include vital and wonderful places, whether for shopping or other, and the number of stations that this line passes is 24 stations, the most important of which are the following: :

  • Zeytinbrunu Station: It has the famous Ataturk Airport and the Zeytinburnu Metro Station, in addition to a number of clothing stores.
  • Aksaray Station: It is located between the Laleli and Aksaray region near Yenikapi Port, and then you can reach Yenikapi Port after disembarking at the Aksaray Station.
  • BEYAZIT station, which has a covered market.
  • Sultanahmet Station SULTANAHMET: It has several historical places, including Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Palace and Topkapi Museum.
  • Eminonu Station: which contains the famous Eminonu Port, in addition to the Egyptian Market (Spice Market) and other famous markets such as Mahmoud Pasha Market.
  • Qabatash station, which contains the famous Qabatash port.
  • Sirkeci station and has a number of markets and hotels.

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