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Kerala has always been a center of trade, and shopping. The word Kerala means silk, as it was a center of trade of the best of ancient times. Cotton also had a share in that trade. Kerala today has many markets and shops that attract thousands of visitors every year from locals, and tourists. It provides a huge variety in goods and products, all at cheap prices that suit your expenses and budget.

Kerala’s Cheap Markets… Destinations Mix Heritage With Shopping

Connemara Market

Known as the Days Market, Connemara Market is one of the oldest markets in Kerala, dating back to the nineteenth century, and was established to serve the English army. The market has a gorgeous entrance, highlighting its historical value. It encompasses a great diversity in goods between clothing, household items, food, and roses. Fish is one of the most popular types of foods on the market, as it is characterized by being fresh from the sea directly. Buying in this market depends on the system of transactions where; using the skills of buying and touring a lot to get the best offer, which makes it one of the cheapest markets in Kerala.Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!Connemara Market Read also: Tourism in Kerala, India … a breathtaking natural beauty

Cochin Spice Market

You can’t leave India, especially Kerala without buying some spice, and Cochin Spice Market is the perfect place for that. The market includes hundreds of stores, and the kiosks that fill all over the market display; various types and shapes of spices with colors, and fragrant smells. There are also some stores specialized in selling authentic Indian cookware. You can buy whatever kind of tools you want, with any amount of spice you want at the lowest prices, so it is one of the cheapest markets in Kerala. In addition to shopping, you can watch women while they are working on drying, preparing spices, and taking some pictures of it. This is another advantage of the market where everyone is fun, friendly.1581226371 155 Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!Cochin Spice Market

Chalai Bazaar

Chalai Bazaar is located in Thiruvananthapuram and is one of the cheapest markets in Kerala except that you should not forget to use some of your purchasing skills. It is considered one of the oldest markets in the city, and the locals come to it in a large way to meet their daily needs, and life. And gold. The best thing about the market is that you are not subject to pressure or harassment from sellers, so you can roam and buy freely.1581226371 502 Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!Chalai Bazaar Read also: Tips to travel to Kerala ..

MG Road

MJ Road is located in Cochin and is considered one of the best popular markets to visit in Kerala. The market provides you with a wide assortment of commodities between traditional Indian clothing, bright colored jewelery, unparalleled spices, and charming antiques. All at affordable prices that suit your budget, making it one of the cheapest markets in Kerala. It is also an ideal place to buy some old souvenirs at the lowest prices.1581226371 601 Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!MG Road


The Broadway Market attracts tourists because of its name, but it includes a group of alleys and small streets full of shops, stalls that provide various types of goods, and local products. Goods are characterized by low prices, so Broadway is one of the cheapest markets in Kerala. The products range from clothing, spices, jewelry, stationery, watches, electronic gadgets and leather goods.1581226371 149 Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!Broadway

Joy Town Jew Town

Another place to shop, and enjoy the history and heritage of this country. It is an ideal place for fans of antiques, as the market is filled with convenience stores and kiosks. You can find an old piece of jewelry, or some antique household items. Be sure to wander a lot if you want to buy a valuable piece for a little money. The style of deals is the main way the market works. On the history of that city up close, and it allows you to engage with this friendly people.1581226371 487 Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out - Kerala Cheaper Markets Find Out!Joy Town Jew Town


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