Some airports in the world are distinguished by the beautiful architecture, but landing at Koh Samui Airport is a unique experience in itself as the plane flies over white clouds to slowly descend through the fog where visitors can catch glimpses of green mountains surrounded by picturesque rocky beaches with golden sand that dock near boats Hunting and sailing yachting.

And the pleasure continues to pass through a fleet of colorful trams that transport visitors in the open air between luxury villas and wonderful homes, where tourists feel at ease when seeing the details of this picturesque island in Southeast Asia, which includes a group of luxury hotels that cater to the tastes of all visitors, including the Four Seasons and Intercontinental Samojana and Fana Bell.

The island’s enchanting scenery varies between stunning beaches, stunning waterfalls, spectacular mountains, buildings, historic religious sites and stunning architecture. The island contains an archipelago consisting of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand surrounded by towering limestone mountains, dense forests, white sandy beaches and a group of beautiful waterfalls, bays and lakes combined in the Ang Thong Marine National Park which is a natural reserve that extends over an area of ​​100 square kilometers of land and sea and has a group Rich in wildlife and marine creatures, tourists can also enjoy various water and land activities.

The island of Koh Tao, “Turtle Island”, is one of the finest islands, it is the best destination for diving in Thailand. This mountain island is surrounded by a group of white sandy beaches mixed with crystal clear waters, where sparkling coral reefs sparkle. The island also provides a group of various hotels, luxury resorts and distinctive restaurants. .

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يستخدم هذا الموقع ملفات تعريف الارتباط (كوكيز) لتوفير تجربة تصفح أفضل. عن طريق استخدام هذا الموقع، فإنك توافق على استخدامنا لملفات تعريف الارتباط.