Phuket is a first-class tourist city, as it contains many malls and commercial complexes that spread everywhere, and there are many tourist places that everyone is interested in visiting, whether they are tourists or from the local population, and many malls and commercial complexes are distinguished by their prices The occasion and its wonderful products at the same time, which makes it filled with visitors daily.

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Jungceylon Shopping Mall Patong Beach

The amazing Kung Kelon Patong Beach Shopping Center is located in the city center, and this center has caused a fundamental change in the overall shopping movement in this region. The center has two main stores containing the best products and supplies, and it opens its doors daily for visitors from ten in the morning until Ten o'clock in the evening, this large complex contains more than 200 stores that have world-class clothes, sunglasses, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, video discs, computer games, and many types of mobile phones and electrical appliances. Contains cinema halls dedicated to bowling and place to suit adults and kids, the center has been professionally designed to suit the hot weather and rainy. You can buy everything from the basement that contains all the products you can imagine, you will notice attractive lighting everywhere, and the center visits more than 45 thousand visitors daily, although this number seems a little bit, but it is very suitable for the population of this area.

Banana Walk Mall

It is one of the latest shopping centers that consists of three floors and the center consists of concrete walls, a metal structure and a large glass roof with an open and large area, and you can buy all your needs such as foods, clothes, cosmetics and many other products. You will find branches for the most famous international restaurants, ATMs and products Affordable prices The store also contains supermarkets that sell imported and local food and all the necessities of the home. This mall is not limited to selling products only, but you will find places devoted to massages, massages and relaxation, and stores that sell Gaza electronics and home, and there are jewelry shops and clothing special barber doing hairstyles Korean hair fantastic, it contains this center on dedicated places to carry out cosmetic operations and laser and Botox and is located on the beachfront, making it distinctive places for shopping, relaxing and dining.

Jim Thompson store
This center is considered one of the spacious and air-conditioned centers that contain attractive windows and well-spaced display cabinets, and although this commercial store is dedicated to selling silk, it does not only sell silk, but you will find high-quality cotton fabrics, fine furniture, textiles, leather wallets and silk scarves at prices The store also sells comfortable cotton pants for men, women and children and sells children's clothing, swimwear and ladies' bags, everything is really impressive as many people talk about the products of this place because they are elegant and high quality, and fulfilled Store is open for visitors from nine o'clock pm until nine at night.

Central Festival Phuket

It is considered one of the fully equipped and integrated commercial centers and it is located directly next to Phuket Town. If you are coming from Patong, you will find it to your left before the main road to Phuket Town, and it is one of the commercial centers of the island. You will find more than 120 outlets selling all different products and materials. Shopping for a full day to watch the best movies and eat in one of the international restaurants located there, where these restaurants offer all kinds of food from French, Japanese, Thai and other foods. It also has an underground car park and a large group There are shops that sell all things like clothes, household goods, foodstuffs, toys, drinks, books, jewelry and watches, all of which you will find at reasonable prices and you may find them at half price as well, the center consists of 4 floors that contain multiple products, and the store allows the purchase of alcohol only from the first hour Ten until two in the afternoon.

Limelight Avenue Phuket Mall

Al Adwaa Road Mall is one of the famous shopping malls located on the New Depok Road in downtown Phuket, which is an excellent location near the ancient city of Phuket, and this mall visits a lot of people, whether they are tourists or local residents of this area, and the mall offers visitors to places To rest from the sun’s heat due to being air-conditioned places, it also contains restaurants that offer the best meals and drinks. On the first floor of this mall you will find various restaurants and a large supermarket along with some products. There is also a large bar, statues, sculptures and wonderful decorations. You can use His mother climbs up to the other floors easily, and the restaurants there are distinguished by their very appropriate prices and they also vary in their services and foods, for example there is a store dedicated to selling ice cream, another for coffee and another for meals and other stores. As for the second floor it includes a few famous restaurants and cafes It contains stores that sell jewelry and cheap clothes, in addition to having stores that sell toys, handmade souvenirs, cosmetics of all kinds, bags, and other things with reasonable prices. There is also a special hairdressing store for men and another special. Women.

Premium Outlet mall

The Premium Outlet Mall contains great clothes with world-famous brands, which are clothes for men, women and children as well. The mall also offers great discounts on all products, which makes many visit every day. There are places dedicated to selling clothes and children's toys, as well as a place for golf lovers and their belongings and shops to sell Commercial apparel, accessories, souvenirs, handicrafts, silver cutlery, handbags, silk and cotton scarves, costumes in various international brands and other great products.

Ocean Shopping Mall

It is a small shopping mall located in the center of Phuket. The Ocean Mall offers a wide range of products at reasonable prices such as clothes and souvenirs, in addition to a cinema specialized in showing films and great shows for adults and children. There is also a place dedicated to bowling and lots of children's games. Restaurants that offer varied meals to suit all tastes.

Robinsons mall

The Robinson Mall or store is considered one of the most popular malls, it consists of 5 floors, each of which contains a kind of products of different brands and brands, also contains small stalls selling cheap clothes, shoes and handbags, and the ground floor of the mall contains a super A market has different food items in addition to an ATM, and each floor has its own products. We will find a floor containing clothes of all kinds and different international perfumes and another that contains restaurants that offer cheap and delicious Thai food and food at the same time.

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