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Kurdistan Region

It is located in the north of Iraq, bordered by Iran on the eastern side, Turkey on the northern side, Syria on the western side, and the rest of Iraq on the southern side, with its capital in Erbil, and Kurdistan means the land of the Kurds or the Kurds, and we will get acquainted in this article with the Kurdistan region.

Geography and Climate

Most of the areas have a mountainous nature, because it is located at a high altitude equivalent to 11,847 feet, and the mountains are part of a series of Zagros Mountains, and there are also several rivers flowing on its land such as the Great Zab, the Little Zab, and the Tigris River, and this made it distinguished by its lands. Lush, picturesque nature, and abundant water.

The mountainous nature areas enjoy different temperatures in them, in addition to their wealth of water, and they enjoy many agricultural lands, and they occupy an excellent tourist position, and also provide various minerals in it, the most important of which is oil, and the Kurdistan region possesses various small lakes such as Dohuk Lake, while hills and plains are considered to be The greenest areas in Iraq, and are concentrated in the western and southern parts of Kurdistan.


Where the economy of the Kurdistan region is based on the oil, agriculture, industry, and tourism sectors, and it is considered one of the developed regions in comparison with Iraq, because it enjoys political peace, while for the infrastructure, in recent years it has been developed and built by 65%, and the Kurdistan government has managed to raise the level of services Significantly, in addition to developing the economy and investing in various projects, and in terms of transportation, the Kurdistan region can be reached by sea or land, so that by land the way will be easy through Turkey through the Habur border gate, or through the Turkish airport Mardin or Diyar Bakr.

Information about the Kurdistan Region

  • Governorates of the Kurdistan Region: Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Dohuk, Halabja.
  • Language: The official language in the Kurdistan region is Arabic and Kurdish. As for the dialects used are Kurdish Sorani and Kurmanji, and the Kurdish population also speaks Armenian, Turkmen, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.
  • Religion: The region is distinguished by the diversity of religions in it, but most of the population belongs to the Islamic religion, as well as the Christian religion, the Assyrians, the Armenians, and Yezidis.
  • Institutes and universities: It contains many important universities and treaties, including the University of Salahaddin, the University of Sulaymaniyah, the University of Dohuk, the University of Koya, the University of Kurdistan, and the University of Hawler Medical, in addition to the University of Sabis, Ceyhan University, and Soran University.
  • Cities: The Kurdistan Region contains multiple cities, among which are Erbil, Sulaimaniya, Dohuk, and Rania, in addition to Zakho, Chamchamal, Kue, Sanjak, Samil, Ankawa, Aqra, Barzan, Amadiyah, and Warden.

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