Labuan State

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Labuan State

Labuan State is an island located in eastern Malaysia, ten kilometers opposite northwest of Borneo in the South China Sea. Victoria is the main city in this state. The state is characterized by wide roads and green lands, and it contains a large airport. It is a duty-free island in preparation for becoming a financial and historical center. Labuan was a British colony in 1848 and included Brunei Prison. In 1946, the state became part of the North Borneo colony, and Labuan was the headquarters of the Defense Forces in the Commonwealth during a period Indonesian armed opposition to Malaysia between 1963 and 1966.

Information about Labuan State

Here is some varied information about Labuan State:

  • Labuan is Malaysia’s second federal province.
  • Labuan was a federal region in the year 1984 AD.
  • In 1846, Britain acquired Labuan State and made it a base between Singapore and Hong Kong, while the state was previously part of Brunei.
  • Labuan became a separate colony of the church in 1912.
  • Labuan State was ceded to the federal government, and became a federal territory in 1982.

Tourist attractions in Labuan State

In Labuan, there are secluded beaches, discounted goods, and amazing nightlife. Among the most important tourist attractions in the state are the following:

  • Labuan Museum: It is located opposite Labuan Square in the city center, and it consists of two floors, and includes historical artifacts found in the state. The museum also displays the history of Labuan and its culture.
  • Water Village: Located northwest of the city center, it has walkways, wooden panels, and bridges that connect homes and markets together.
  • Botanical gardens: It is located northeast of the city center, and includes a cemetery dating back to 1847.


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