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Landmarks of Lebanon

The state of Lebanon is one of the countries rich in wonderful monuments. It has many world heritage sites between its lands distributed in its cities and villages such as Anjar, Baalbek, Jbeil and Tire in addition to the famous Cedar Forest. Lebanon also has many tourist places and attractive cities such as Beirut and Tripoli and many others In this article, we will show a number of tourist attractions in which Lebanon is famous.

The city of Baalbek

The city of Baalbek is one of the attractive landmarks in Lebanon, which was called in the name of Heliopolis. It contains many historical buildings dating back to ancient Romen times such as the Temple of Venus and the Temple of Pashus, and also contains a field for horse racing dating back to the Romen era.

The city of Tripoli

The city of Tripoli is considered one of the most famous cities in Lebanon, because it contains many attractive and archaeological places that attract many tourists, in its port is due to the Mamluk culture and different historical empires, in addition to mosques such as Al-Attar Mosque and Al-Mansouri Mosque, and it also has the picturesque palm island that is located Just off the coast of Tripoli, this city is also a natural reserve and home to various sea turtles.

Beirut city

Beirut is a wonderful tourist capital, as it contains many attractive and varied places, such as: Romen baths.


Byblos is one of the attractive tourist cities in Lebanon, where its history belongs to the oldest Phoenician cities ever, and the importance of this city was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1984 AD.

Other attractions

Here are some of the other features of Lebanon:

  • Jeita Grotto.
  • Kadisha Valley.
  • Shrine of Kfardebian.
  • Mohamed Al-Amin Mosque.
  • St. George Maronite Cathedral.
  • the National Museum .
  • Gibran Museum.

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