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Landmarks of the city of Agadir

The city of Agadir is one of the major Moroccan cities located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the Atlas Mountains in the southwest of the Kingdom of Morocco, founded by the Portuguese in 1500 AD and then liberated by the Moroccans in 1526 AD, with a population of 200,000 people, and this city is distinguished by its mild weather and its extended beach, And its beautiful golden sands, which made it a tourist area par excellence, and it is considered an enjoyable tourist destination due to what its lands contain of tourist attractions, resorts, and entertainment places that attract the visitor to it, and gives it a great opportunity to enjoy its time, as there are many hotels that meet the need of tourists from places Menna and comfortable at low prices, and during the coming we will mention some of the tourist and historical attractions of Agadir.

The most important landmarks of Agadir

Olhao Park

It is a garden whose area has a picturesque and beautiful nature, where you can sit for long periods to breathe the fresh air, and enjoy spending a long time, and a playground has been set aside for children to spend their time without boredom, and there are a number of wooden benches to sit, and there are cafes that sell drinks and some outlets The grocery store to sell food.

Hope Square

It is one of the most beautiful arenas in Agadir, which tourists visit to enjoy one of the festivals that take place in it, such as the Timetas Festival.

The Kasbah of Agadir

It is located on top of a mountain with a height of 236 meters, created in 1540 AD by Sultan Muhammad Sheikh Saadi to strike the Portuguese at the bottom of the mountain, and contains an external wall supported by the towers, as there is a hospital, a mosque, a treasury building, houses, small squares, shrines, overlooking The region with the slogan: God, the nation, the king.

Agadir Beach

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Agadir and gives the opportunity for the visitor to practice diving and swimming in addition to horse riding, and there are on the beach many cafes and restaurants that offer food and drinks.

Agadir Park

It is a promenade located on the beach in Agadir, which welcomes local and foreign tourists, in which there are many restaurants and cafes, many events, evenings and some activities for children are held.

Other parameters

  • Horse riding and beauty area in Agadir: It provides tourists with the opportunity to ride horses and camels and to take a tour of the desert to get to know them.
  • Valley of Birds Park: This garden was established between 1982-1986 AD and it contains different types of birds, in addition to beautiful and attractive natural scenery.

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