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The State of Bahrain is located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, and its capital is Manama, as it is considered an island in the Arabian Gulf, and the State of Bahrain is linked with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an industrial bridge called the King Fahd Bridge, and there is also a plan to connect it with the Qatari lands, and the population of Bahrainma Approximately 1.377,000 people according to the last statistic recorded in 2015, and its area is about 934.57 km2.

The most important features of the State of Bahrain

Ahmed Al-Fateh Grand Mosque

The mosque of Ahmed Al-Fateh Al-Kabir was built in the year 1988 AD, and it is distinguished by its wonderful design and building components such as marble, Indian teak wood and glass. The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bahrain.

Bahrain Fort

The Bahrain Fort is known as the Bahrain Fort, and it is considered one of the most important and magnificent monuments in Bahrain, in addition to being considered one of the most important world heritage sites that fall within the list of UNESCO.

Thursday Mosque

Al-Khamis Mosque is considered one of the most important archaeological mosques in Bahrain. It is located in the city of Tashan. The mosque has two minarets. It is built of limestone and consists of a flat roof supported by wooden columns in the main courtyard dedicated to prayer.

Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit is located in the city of Sakhir, and every year it hosts competitions for the Bahrain Grand Prix for Formula One International, among others, and many other events and matches related to motor racing; drag race, grand prize, and super cars.

Bab Al Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain is located in the Customs Square, considered historic, and designed by Sir Charles Belgrave, and at the present time it has become one of the most beautiful markets in the city of Manama, where there are shops for vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, gold, silver, ornaments and pearls.

Bahrain World Trade Center

The Bahrain World Trade Center is a beautiful building that attracts attention, as it is an icon of the sea, as the building consists of two towers designed in the form of traditional boat sails, an innovative and wonderful design, the center won two international awards.

Bahrain National Museum

The museum was opened in 1988, and it is the first national museum opened in the country, and extends for more than five thousand years, and the museum is considered a wonderful architectural masterpiece, as it includes a variety of artifacts, heritage, manuscripts, books, and paintings.

Smoke mountain

Jabal Al-Dukhan is considered one of the highest hills in Bahrain, with a height of approximately 143 m above sea level. The reason for naming the mountain by this name is due to the fog that hangs on it on most days of the year, and contains a number of caves and caves.

Al Areen Nature Reserve

Al-Areen Nature Reserve is located at a distance of eighteen kilometers in the Sakhir region, and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bahrain, as it is a natural park covered with more than ten thousand plants of various types of plants, and animals.

Tree of the life

The Tree of Life is about two kilometers away from the Mountain of Smoke, and it is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Bahrain, as it is a natural miracle, as it is 400 years old, and it is located alone on one of the sandy hills in the middle of the desert, where there are no sources of life.

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