Get to know KidZania Dubai 2020, as KidZania is the most beautiful entertainment and educational destination in Dubai because it is a small version identical to the actual cities to allow children to learn and enjoy at the same time through practicing practical and banking activities that adults practice in daily life, by providing the opportunity to practice more About 70 types of activities of daily life, and this sparkling city is limited to providing services for the age group between 4 and 16 years, and allows adults to enter to take care of them; and you can realize the brilliance of this city by continuing to read the content of the current article prepared by the traveler Wen Arabs.

KidZania Dubai 2020


role play

  • Children can enter the adventure of many jobs through specially prepared institutions.
  • Children learn how to do job tasks in the business they want to take on a business adventure.
  • Role-play includes buying and eating foods during the work period; in addition to this, children move between the workplace in KidZania and the places of arrival and departure from it, depending on buses and cars designated for children, and it is important to note that children drive these vehicles.


  • Children receive a fee for the work they do in KidZania, and the fee is in a virtual currency (KidZania currency).
  • Children can open a bank account at any of the KidZania banks, they can use this money for any of the things in KidZania, and they can save up to their next visit to KidZania.

Obtaining citizenship

  • Children who visit KidZania several times benefit from this activity. This activity gives children many advantages that increase as children succeed in being effective in various activities.
  • The benefit depends on obtaining a KidZania passport that enables children to collect seals, each of which gives them something special during their treatment in KidZania.

Educational activities

  • These activities are offered to children under two years of age; the activities are provided by a group of professionals who teach children using interactive educational activities.

School visits

  • Available for ages between 2 and 16 years.
  • Each visit lasts 3 hours.
  • KidZania offers children catering during the visit, but this requires additional fees.
  • Communication is in English, and an Arabic interpreter can be provided if needed.
  • A teacher enters free for every 5 children under 4 years old, 1 teacher enters free for every 10 children aged 1 or over.
  • Those responsible can be contacted via any of the following phone numbers: +971 50 557 2830 / +971 4 4485257 or by following email: [email protected]

Organizing Christmas parties

  • KidZania provides the ability to organize special birthday parties for children, while providing all the requirements of celebration in a unique way, and many options are available.
  • Christmas party reservation fee is 185 dirhams for the age group under 16, and an adult enters free with every two children. Entry is free for the child whose birthday is celebrated.
  • There are additional fees for additional services for birthday parties such as face painting, designing balloon shapes, and photography.
  • To contact Christmas party officials, please call 0564092193, or send an email to the following email: [email protected]

KidZania Dubai tickets prices

  • The economic ticket for people between 4 and 16 years = 185 dirhams, while the premium ticket for them = 250 dirhams.
  • Remembering price for people over 17 years old = 75 AED.
  • Remembering price for children between 2 and 3 years = 105 AED.
  • Free entry for infants.

Book tickets for KidZania

  • Tickets can be booked electronically by visiting the dedicated page on the official website; you can book by visiting the article sources.

Ways to communicate

  • Title2nd floor in the Dubai Mall.
  • Telephone number: 800-DUBAI-MALL / 800 38 224 6255.


  • From December 12 to January 11: From 10 in the morning until 11 in the evening, and the last date for entry is 10 in the evening, during this entire period except for December 31, where the work time ends at 9 in the evening and the last date for entry is in the evening at 8 in the evening.

: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

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