Certainly if you travel to Dubai, you will find that there are various degrees of hotel services.
It connects one or two-star hotels that provide standard services at a low cost.
Whereas if you think of three or four star hotels, you will pay more money, but you will enjoy services such as swimming pools and health centers.

So if you want to save more money before traveling to Dubai, check hotel reservation sites and read reviews for each hotel.
So that you can book a hotel that won’t cost you much money.

2- Low-cost trips:
Usually, the greater part of your travel budget is consumed in the cost of airline tickets.

But if you want to travel to Dubai, you can save with Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways.
You should also follow up on promotions and discounts that are done at different times throughout the year. Such offers will save you a lot.

3- Transport within Dubai
Transport within Dubai is a costly matter, especially if it relies on taxis.
And you can count on public transportation located there.

It is managed by the Roads and Transport Authority, and it will save you more money.
This network is represented by: public buses, Dubai Metro, and water taxi.
So do not delay in using any of these methods if you want to travel to Dubai.

4- Food prices
If you tour Dubai, you will see all kinds of restaurants that come to mind.
You will see Japanese, Indian, italyn and even Mexican restaurants.

The reason is that Dubai has become an open city that welcomes all chefs from around the world.
But you will find the best restaurants that provide meals at reasonable prices, just use your sense as if you were in your country.

5- Watch out for offers:
Dubai is one of the countries where promotions and discounts do not end.
Always if you go to one of the famous malls, or markets, you will find that almost every store offers to its visitors a set of offers in order to encourage you to pay a lot.
And it comes to the fact that you are unable to control your payment card. Especially if you bring your family with you.
So experts advise that if you want to travel to Dubai, avoid random purchase.
And not to obey behind every new show, to save your expenses, so we advise you not to shop from the big malls, and only use them for walks and attending the cinema and tourist places available in these malls, such as skiing
But if you really want to shop, then you have these markets, so everything comes to mind and the cheapest prices

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