The city of “Hamburg”, which is located in the north of Germany, is famous for its beauty and distinctive maritime nature, and it includes a group of tourist attractions that give it a unique nature and make it a destination for tourists from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The new interactive and digital experiences that the city offers to its visitors add more distinction and excitement, and it is an additional factor that enhances the tourist attractions of this “Hanseatic” city, which contributes to attracting more tourists from different groups and ages throughout the year.

Hamburg offers its visitors a number of exciting experiences and adventures by taking advantage of modern technology, from the Discovery Dock (VR) modern museum to the Big Break Hamburg adventure that includes the escape room and mysterious games about traveling via Time, in addition to the new attraction, based on the idea of ​​interactive entertainment “Märchenwelte”, which means German (the world of fairy tales) and displays a group of famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, through the Chocolate Museum “Chocoversum” to the city of “mini wonders” “Miniatur Wunderland” which includes the largest railway model in the world. These unique sights make Hamburg an ideal destination for all family members.
Hamburg is a suitable destination for travel during the summer vacation, due to its diverse tourist attractions in addition to the presence of modern shopping centers and luxury hotels. Visitors can explore the charm of the “Hanseatic” city on the banks of the “Elbe” river, enjoy panoramic views of the largest cruise ships in the world, and stroll along the Alster Lakes in the city center. Hamburg, which is the second largest city in Germany, is characterized by its picturesque nature and the large number of green spaces in it, which has made it increasingly popular among travelers from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It ranks as one of the most prominent German cities to attract Gulf tourists who recorded 82,000 hotel nights overnight in 2018.

Although it is an attractive tourist destination, it is also a dynamic center for startups and provides a fertile environment for doing business. It has also become a starting point for the latest modern digital experiences and innovations, which has strengthened its tourism portfolio, which we review some of them:

Building on virtual reality technology (VR), the Discovery Dock museum was recently opened in the “Haven City” project opposite the Philharmony Hamburg or as it is known as the iconic “Elbphilharmonie” in Hamburg. This interactive museum simulates the vibrant port of the city, which is its main theme, by providing a new experience that provides the visitor with the identification of its most prominent features and watching the entry and exit of ships using virtual reality technology, display of animation and live simulation, in addition to sound and light effects

On Big Break Hamburg, located in the historic town of Speicherstadt, visitors await a host of mysteries and mysterious adventures. Here, adrenaline enthusiasts are invited to choose their favorite adventure, whether it is an escape room, time travel or a prison break, using hidden clues within a limited time period to complete each challenge. Fans of the famous “Prison Break” series can also experience one of these challenges, as they will find themselves in a dungeon located inside a high security prison and they only have one hour to escape from it.
Chocolate lovers are invited to make their own favorite chocolate bar with every step of the production step at the Chocoversum Chocolate Museum. This exclusive place in the historical Kontorhaus neighborhood has always been an integral part of tourist attractions In Hamburg, where it houses many new interactive elements. Visitors begin their tour of the museum independently, before joining an interactive guided tour to familiarize themselves closely with the experiences of tasting various types of chocolate and obtain valuable information about the stages of its manufacture and production.

Miniatur Wunderland, which includes the largest railway model in the world, is the first tourist attraction in Hamburg, as it has received more than 16 million visitors from all over the world. This mini masterpiece, which covers an area of ​​1499 square meters, displays a number of technologies Sophisticated and a host of interesting details: the movement of more than 265,000 people was organized, as cars and ships move within the landscape, and aircraft take off every minute from Knuffingen Airport. Miniature Wonderland is a unique microcosm that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
All fairytale lovers are invited to visit the Märchenwelte exhibition in German (fairy tale world), which will open to visitors in September 2019 in the Haven City area. This new landmark displays a collection of the famous German fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm based on the idea of ​​interactive multimedia entertainment, as it offers a collection of traditional elements in addition to the silhouettes of life-size silhouettes and wonderful fantasy elements, as well as the latest lighting and sound technologies and interactive effects.

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