The Marbella Waterfalls is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bandung, where the waterfalls are located 80 km from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and 30 minutes from Bandung City near the volcanic hills of Tangkban volcano. During your trip from Bandung to Marbella Falls you can have fun watching the scenic mountainous nature and fresh air. The waterfall is 25 meters high and descends between the ancient southern volcanic hills formed by the Tangkban volcano.

Marbella waterfalls are famous for the hot spring water, and the water that contains sulfur, and it is also a famous park known for its warm spring, clean air and wonderful atmosphere in a scene that captivates the eye. The water temperature of the Marbella waterfalls is from 38 degrees to 47 degrees Celsius, and it is usually formed with carbonates and argil.

Tourism in Marbella Falls
The strategic location of Marbella Falls in Bandung near the hot sulfur springs and stunning natural landscape has made it a unique destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. Waterfalls are famous for hot sulfur-rich hot springs, and there is a park known for its fresh air, cool temperature, and scenic landscapes. There are places for swimming and recreation in the unique pure white water and mountainous nature that makes you feel comfortable with body and soul together.

The waterfall reaches a height of 25 meters, which descends from the ancient southern volcanic hills formed by the Tangkban volcano, while the northern volcanic hills are formed after the mountain springs, which constitute places suitable for swimming due to the cold mountain air mixed with hot sulfur water. There are many booths that offer food and drinks, and you can also buy souvenirs from these stalls. Despite the rugged nature of the place and the difficulty in getting there, seeing the waterfall and enjoying the accessories there deserves to be forgotten and the effort you forgot.

Things to do in Marbella Falls
– You can reach Marbella Falls to take memorial photos and enjoy the natural scenery, especially when you pass intermittent roads and cross the bridges that connect these hills, you will be dazzled by the beautiful nature and the fresh mountain air.

– Visit the hot springs and the rich sulfur in the waterfalls of Marbella, which tourists come from everywhere.
– You can eat some of the famous foods and drinks found in the stalls located in the Marbella Falls, as well as buy souvenirs.
You can practice swimming in the designated places and enjoy the hot water.

Medical tourism in Marbella Falls
Waterfalls are famous for the sulfur-hot hot springs that are famous for their ability to cure diseases, attracting many tourists who come for medical tourism in Indonesia. Therapeutic volcanic products can also be bought from the stalls in Marbella Falls, which the region’s inhabitants excel in making, and these products are a destination for nature-loving people.

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