There are many shopping centers and malls in Jakarta that will attract your attention and make you enjoy your trip, and some do not know that Jakarta is the world capital of shopping and it has a large number of mega and giant malls that compete with international cities.
You are looking for beauty and creativity, you must buy batik, which is handmade art designs by professional people and it is an ancient art in Indonesia that adorns fabrics, bags and shoes, so you have to buy clothes and tools decorated with batik that wonderful masterpiece in its forms And its many colors. See also: The best luxury Jakarta hotels that we recommend to Bali for those looking for fun and romance. Important advice so as not to become infected while traveling

Among the best malls in Jakarta:
Patek Curse Shop
This center is distinguished by the presence of several branches in Jakarta, and it is one of the best places to have bags and clothes decorated with batik art. The center provides products at cheap and suitable prices.

Grand Indonesia Mall
Grand Indonesia Mall is located in the center of Jakarta, it is the largest shopping center in Indonesia and the best mall in Jakarta ever, it consists of two parts connected by a bridge and includes a large group of international brands including Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry, in addition to Many entertainment places, the largest cinema in Indonesia, and various restaurants serving local food and halal food. The center opens from 10 am to 10 pm.

Gandaria City Mall
Kandarya City Mall is located in the south of the capital, Jakarta. It is one of the best famous shopping places that includes everything the family needs. It includes a wide range of stores that provide all the needs of the family members. It also provides distinctive entertainment options for children. The center opens from 10 am to 10 pm.

Central Park Mall
It is one of the well-known commercial centers in Jakarta, and it is characterized by its wide area and it is available with all the international products and brands of clothing and electrical tools, as it contains several distinctive restaurants.

Sarina Mall
It is one of the wonderful centers in Jakarta and it is characterized by the increasing demand for it, and it is available with goods and products at cheap and medium prices to suit everyone, and the commercial complex includes a distinguished group of shops, and is located near Independence Square.

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