Saint Barthelemy is a tropical paradise on Earth with its picturesque nature, perfect climate and unique Caribbean Sea charm. Saint Barthelemy is located near the northern end of the Lesser Antilles group in the West Indies, 15 miles east of Saint Martin.


The capital of Saint Barthelemy with its red roofs. You can explore Gustavia with a two-hour stroll. Small Gustavia, its port is very wonderful, spread over the shops, where you can buy elegant and elegant French goods. Some shops close at 3-4 pm, and some stores remain until seven at night. You can spend the morning on the beaches of Gustavia and enjoy the latest French fashion.
Enjoy sunset on one of the yachts in the harbor of Gustavia. Then you can have dinner in one of the restaurants spread on Gustavia Beach. These amazing features make Saint Barthelemy an expensive island. For a great view of the city, visit Fort Gustav (the fortress that was during the Swedish period), or head to the top of the hill 29 meters and climb amid a few of the remaining stone walls of Fort Carl. For those who underestimate history, go to the Wall House Museum or visit the oldest buildings in Gustavia Vieux Clocher located opposite the St. Bartholomew Evangelical Episcopal Church. Le Ti-Marché is the best market out there where all goods and products are sold outdoors.
The beaches of Saint Barthelemy
The island of Saint Barthelemy has more than twenty wonderful beaches on the Caribbean Sea with beautiful white sand. It is located in different areas of the island and the beaches are not crowded and you can swim in it with ease. They are public for everyone, including:
St Jean Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Saint Barthelemy with fine sand and clear water. There are many hotels and restaurants which make the beach a comfortable place for visitors.
Hotels spread on this beach: Tom Beach Hotel, Hotel Eden Rock, Tom Beach Hotel
Flamands Beach

A wide and long beach with beautiful emerald water color. It becomes more beautiful and wonderful in the winter, rarely swimming in it because it is dangerous.
But in the rest of the seasons it is a place for various sports such as swimming, surfing and fishing. One of the most important hotels on this is Hotel Taïwana Beach
As it is ideally located on a beach, it is characterized by the presence of 22 rooms and suites, all of them overlooking the beach, and it is also distinguished that it has private pools and great views. Also there are other hotels such as Villa Triagoz, Villa Eternity, Ouanalao Dive
Governor Beach

Beautiful beach on the south side of St. Barts and from the west of Salini. One of the best beaches for your vacation. The view is magnificent and the cliffs make it a popular destination for many tourists and visitors. The water in Governor is excellent for swimming and diving. What distinguishes this beach are the many services provided for the convenience of tourists, from restaurants, markets, cafes, hotels and many other best hotels in Villa Ana, Le Cellier du gouverneur, Villa Rose Dog, People Watching in St-Barth
Grand Cul de Sac Beach

Gulf waters are clear, beautiful and suitable for water sports. It is worth noting that there are specialized schools around the beach to teach and advise those who want to use sailing boats in windsurfing and kayaking. Visitors can relax in restaurants spread around the beach. The bay is fully protected and the water is calm and relatively warm. It has a place to rent a boat for surfing.
The village of Lorient

A village located on the northern coast not far from Saint-Jean-Louis, the charming village site of the first colony in France. Tourists are attracted to it for its historical monuments such as the Century Church and two tombs scattered by the Catholic 19 flowers, which is a historical, quiet and beautiful city for tourism.

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