The slope of Bali or the hidden beach is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the famous Bali island, as it is difficult to reach and there are many tourists around the world who do not know about the existence of this attractive and wonderful place on the island of Bali and it is worth noting that the island of Bali is in the state Indonesian as it is considered a province with a large area as it contains a group of islands for a small tourist around it, as it includes a number of distinctive tourist places, which are a tourist attraction for all tourists, in addition to it is the smallest province in Indonesia as it is a coastal province full of Palm Uh, and the islands and beaches, but they are covered by a number of neighboring small islands as we mentioned, they are located in the far west of the Lesser Sunda Islands, which are on the west of the Java province, and one of the most important beaches that are also found on the island of Bali is the famous and ancient beach as well as there are Also the distinctive Sanur Beach and Noosa Beach, which cannot be visited Bali without visiting this distinguished beach, but while inside the island of Bali and residence there it is necessary to search for new tourist places because the hidden beach is best suited for what you are looking for as it is one of the most beautiful and most beautiful beaches calm

The hidden beach, or as it is called the slope of Bali, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches for recreation, as it is considered a verse of beauty, as you may see the magic of the natural environment that fills the place where you can see a lot of picturesque natural areas that spread throughout this place, all Corner has its own world as it includes the green nature with the beauty of white sand and the splendor of wind and the breeze of the coming air from the scenic turquoise waters. Names also as it is nicknamed the chat Hidden and also in the name of the green pot, due to the large number of green trees that spread on its coast in addition to the fact that this place appears from far as the body of the pot because of the water around it, as it has been called the hidden beach because of its presence in the area behind a cliff which Make it very difficult to reach.

Also, the slope of Bali has a lot of stunning and stunning scenery as it contains the most beautiful white and soft sand that can be sitting in front of the wonderful blue sea and around you are many rocks and stony rocky mountains that are difficult to climb, as it is one of the most important activities that Can be performed in this distinctive beach is surfing using wooden boards assigned to it, as this beach is considered to be a test of courage, as it is possible to experiment with many courage experiments from jumping, running, diving and swimming, and the waves in this place are not Like regular waves, because they are A very high altitude, which makes it one of the biggest challenges that surfing owners may face, and it is also known that this place is located in an almost hidden place where in order to reach it, it must go down from the hobby and even reach this beach through the trails that exist between the folds This sloping cliff is also worth noting that this place does not exist on the tour guide, but it is close to Noosa Beach and Denpasar Beach, as it is located in Phuket Peninsula, and this wonderful place can be visited at any time as it enjoys With calmness, tranquility, and splendor, it can be done with many activities Recreational activities, the most important of which are swimming, diving, and lying down to make dazzling sunbathing, as there are not many visitors to the place who threaten your comfort, as this beach is also very suitable for practicing yoga, where the beauty of nature around you suggests meditation and sophistication and enjoy the most beautiful thing It out

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