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Kuwait National Museum

If you are a fan of visiting museums to learn about the history and valuable monuments, there is no doubt when you visit Kuwait. The first museum you should visit is the National Museum of Kuwait, because it is the main museum in the country, so it has great importance,

It was inaugurated in December 1957 in the Sheikh’s Palace “Abdullah Al-Jaber” in Dasman region, but in 1976 AD it was temporarily moved to the Beit Al-Badir Museum until the current museum building was completed and the archaeological contents were transferred to it in 1983 AD, the museum aims to preserve the country’s heritage along with awareness The people and spreading knowledge of their history and various archaeological collections. The museum is distinguished for its many sections, namely the Hall of Folk Heritage, the Hall of Ancient Antiquities, the Muhallab, and the Planetarium.

Badr House Museum

Its construction dates back to the period from 1837 AD to 1847 AD. It was declared as a museum in 1968 AD and is located in Al-Qibla district. It also provides a view of the Arabian Gulf, so this view gives it a distinctive aesthetic touch.
Also, the house is a wonderful antique, which represents for present generations a beautiful architectural model, expressing the economic and social conditions of Kuwait in the past century.

The Red Palace

It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Kuwait, dear tourist, you should visit it to see the historical monuments of Kuwait, because it will get to know the different historical epochs that the country has gone through, and that the palace itself is an important historical landmark that gives an example of ancient Kuwaiti architecture with a distinctive desert character It is worth noting that the palace was established in the year 1915 AD in the era of Sheikh “Mubarak Al-Sabah”, due to the name of the palace with this name due to its construction of red clay.

Dixon Cultural House

It was established in 1899 AD after the agreement between Sheikh “Mubarak Al-Sabah” the ruler of Kuwait and between Britain to be the residence and office of the British accredited in the country, in 1929 the British accredited “Harold Dixon” and his wife Violet lived so the museum was called the Dixon House because it contained holdings “Colonel Dixon”
It also shows visitors that an important historical era in the country’s history. Among the most important museums is the “Kuwait Police Museum” and it was established in the sixties during the era of Sheikh “Abdullah Al-Salem”.

Maritime Museum

It was established in the year 2010 AD in the Eastern School, due to the great importance of marine life in Kuwait. In the past, great reliance was placed on the search for pearls and other products that contribute to the revitalization of the maritime trade movement.
Therefore, the state focused on setting up a dedicated museum that tells the history of marine life in Kuwait, showing how to dive and what tools are used in addition to the types of ships and other tools.

Martyrs Museum of the Qurain

Dear tourists, none of us has witnessed or heard about the Kuwait and Iraq war that ended with Kuwait’s victory and its preservation of the state’s existence.
However, as a result of that brutal war, a number of martyrs fell in order to liberate the country and resist the injustice and victory over the aggressor in 1991, in honor of these martyrs. Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah ordered that this house be turned into a museum that bore witness to the country’s history and the steadfastness of the Kuwaitis.

Bait Al Outhman Museum

This museum dates back to the late “Abdullah Al-Othman”, located in the intersection between Ibn Khaldoun Street and Abdullah Bin Othman Street
Its construction was in the late forties of the last century, the museum consists of a number of old houses surrounded by a wall to include 157 rooms, 61 bathrooms, 16 kitchens, and buildings surrounded by a high wall.

Khazal Palace

It was established in 1916 AD by Sheikh Khazaal after Sheikh “Mubarak Al-Sabah” gifted a plot of land in Dasman region for him to be declared as a museum in 1957 AD, currently supervised by the National Council for Arts and Culture and is restored from time to time.

Safat Market Square

It is considered one of the important historical places, and it is also a commercial center. In the twentieth century, it was an important market for caravans to sell wool, ghee and other important products such as desert plants that enter into the treatment of some diseases and then became a tourist destination since the thirties of the twentieth century.
Important ceremonies were held in it, such as the military parade of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem, who ruled Kuwait in the 1950s. It is now an open museum and an important tourist destination.

Sadu House

It is considered one of the most beautiful Kuwaiti museums because it displays the old traditional textiles and the heritage of knitting to introduce people to it, and it also displays beautiful artwork, if you are a fan of handicraft learning, you can attend weaving and knitting workshops.

Al – Issa House Museum

It is a large building that includes Arab monsters and many rooms that were used in storing wood to manufacture ships, diving tools and some building materials and other tools such as gondolas, ropes and flies. When you go to it, dear tourist, you will feel a wonderful old atmosphere. You can also buy the souvenir from the store in it It provides visitors with beautiful gifts in the form of marine tools. The interest in marine tools is due to the importance of sailing ships because they are the backbone of the Kuwaiti economy at that time.

Kuwait Car Museum

If you are a fan of old cars, you should definitely visit the Old Cars Museum in Kuwait. The museum tells the history of cars from ancient times. There is also a group of old cars that you will definitely like. The museum also contains several sections, and they are the educational workshop, library, photography and department. Car clubs.

Sheikh Mubarak’s museum

It consists of two floors and is located near the date market. In the past, the headquarters of the Sheikh Mubarak sessions were held during his assumption of power to follow up the conditions of the parish in the year 1899 AD, the museum starts work from nine in the morning until twelve noon and Friday and Saturday holidays.

Al – Ajiri Astronomy Museum

It is considered one of the most famous museums in Kuwait. When you visit it, dear tourist, you will be able to learn about astronomy, scientists and astronomical instruments. The museum consists of several parts such as the Falkeka Department, History of Astronomy, Astronomy, and the Solar System.
One of the best departments is the children’s section because it is fun and easy for children to learn about astronomy

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