Jordan has many advantages, as it is a country that is geographically and historically distinguished and has a magical nature, as it is considered one of the distinctive tourist countries in all seasons of the year, as Jordan has religious places as well as archaeological places and also resorts and sightseeing, natural springs, forests, deserts, beaches and other natural places Distinctive, but we must get acquainted today with the types of tourism that exist in Jordan.

Types of tourism in Jordan

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is one of the most important types of tourism there, where you can learn about many tourist sites, and you can also learn about the customs and traditions of the Jordanian people, and visit a large number of archaeological sites such as the city of Petra, Jerash and other distinctive sites, as you can Also, you should visit Karak Castle, and also the Raqeem Cave, which is the cave in which the story of the owners of the cave mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Romen Amphitheater occurred.

Medical Tourism

Here, you can enjoy the natural mineral springs for the body to obtain physical and psychological comfort, and to increase the sanatoriums and also the places of hospitalization. The most important of these places are the Aqaba beach and also the Dead Sea, Ma’in baths, Afrah, and sulfur water.
Jordan also has a large number of modern hospitals that provide the most advanced devices and equipment, which are supervised by many distinguished Jordanian doctors, and Jordan receives annually about a hundred thousand Arab citizens for treatment and one of the most performed operations there is open heart operations.

Religious tourism

Religious tourism here means visiting a lot of religious and sacred places, especially in the Karak region, the Jordan Valley, and also Maan, and also many shrines that are there such as Ja`far bin Abi Talib, Abdullah bin Rawahah, also Zaid bin Harithah, and Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah, Sharhabeel bin Hasna, and Dhirar bin Azwar, may God Almighty be pleased with them all.

Summer tourism

One of the advantages in Jordan is the great diversity of climate in it, it is one of the blessings of God Almighty over it. The atmosphere in Jordan, especially in the summer, is very pleasant and fresh, especially in those mountainous areas where there are parks and gardens.

Sports tourism

There are a large number of tourists who perform a number of distinct sports, such as water skiing and also swimming, fishing and also hunting, and other distinct sports there.
Winter tourism
Winter tourism includes spending the winter there or even part of the winter there as well, especially in warm natural places, and we find that the most important of these places are the Jordan Valley and also the Dead Sea and Aqaba, and there are many other types of tourism.

The most important tourist areas in Jordan

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the lowest areas on the surface of the earth, which represents a wonderful natural scenery, so we find that there are many tourists from all over the world, and the Dead Sea and the waters there are characterized by its great therapeutic capacity for many diseases since ancient times, the Dead Sea water contains a lot of Minerals and also salts such as potassium, sodium, bromine and also magnesium.

Amman city

The city of Amman is considered one of the most important cities located in the Hashemite Kingdom as it is the capital of Jordan, which has a large number of tourist places, as it is distinguished by its distinguished geographical location, which makes it a moderate climate, it is located between the fertile Jordan Valley and the middle of the desert, as it is located In Amman, the Romen amphitheater, in which a large number of festivals and concerts are held, as well as its buildings are characterized by white stone, and you can enjoy a great taste of popular cuisine in the restaurants there.


The baths of Ma’in are located near the Dead Sea, which are some hot waterfalls that contain pure mineral water, which descends from the top of the mountain until you reach the valley and go in it, and reach the blue river, so the water there is characterized by its large therapeutic capacity that has the ability In the treatment of a large number of diseases, such as bone diseases, and those baths that come to many tourists from all over the world on an annual basis until they visit that special place.


Jerash is located near the governorate of Irbid, as it is known to be considered one of the oldest ancient cities that are there, and Jerash is characterized by many dense forests, as the city maintains its Romen history so far, so when you visit it you will find a lot of paved streets and also terraces and squares , The Greek character dominates the city, and you can visit Jerash Castle and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere there.

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