The best tourist places you can visit in (Ayuja).

The most important tourist places in the city of (Yoga)

1- Abuja Mosque

The Abuja Mosque is the most famous mosque in Nigeria, and visitors from all over the world come to it to see its distinctive style and large library that includes a large number of books on Islamic sciences, jurisprudence and Da`wah books. Therefore, the (Ayuja) Mosque is an important destination for all students and students of religious sciences inside Nigeria And outside it, the mosque has been built since the foundation of the city in 1984, and it is located in the Avenue of Independence Street in the city center, and the mosque receives annually a thousand tourists, but the mosque is not open to non-Muslims at times of prayer.

2- Gardens and parks in (Ayuja)

The city of (Ayuja) contains a large number of parks and public gardens that can be visited by anyone with a very simple fee, and these gardens contain types of brightly colored plants, as well as play areas for children and rest places, and also for lovers of reading in the gardens, so if you visit a city (Ayuja) Don’t miss out on these parks and gardens:

Circle Gardens.
Millennium Park
Galead District Park
Joy Elegance Park

3- Aso Rock

Aso Rock is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Nigerian capital (Ayuja), and the rock has a height of about 400 meters, which makes you can see it from the top of any building in the city, and the dazzling in this rock, which made it a destination for tourists who They visit the Nigerian capital (Abuja), which is that it is in this way as a result of the corrosion of water for it, as it is made by nature.

The Nigerian capital (Abuja) also includes a number of buildings that tourists also visit to see its distinctive style, such as:
– The headquarters of the Nigerian Central Bank.
Ministry of Defense Building.
Abuja Legislative Council Building.
– National Library .
The National Mosque.
Abuja Stadium.
NNPC towers.

Handicrafts in the Nigerian capital (Abuja)

Nigeria is generally famous for the high quality of the handicrafts of its residents, and therefore includes a number of commercial markets that tourists and visitors intend to shop and buy souvenirs for their friends and families, and economically, there is a part of the Nigerian economy that relies heavily on the export of handicrafts such as (furnishings, jewelry, Bags, etc.) on other African countries, as well as on European markets whose citizens love the acquisition of high-quality handicrafts and an average price, so if you intend to take a tourist trip to the Nigerian capital (Abuja), you should visit this Aq:
1- Ceddi Plaza.
2- Downtown Mall.
3- Silverbird Galleria.

Top hotels in Nigerian Capital (Abuja)

Sheraton Abuja Hote.
Hotel Transcorp Hilton Abuja.
Hotel Le Meridien Abuja.
Hotel De Bently.
Protea Hotel Asokoro.
Hotel Andante Rust.

Information that will help you on your trip to the Nigerian capital (Abuja)

– English is the official language in Nigeria, but there are a number of local languages ​​such as (Hausa language, Fulani language, Yoruba language, Ijaw language, Kanuri language, Tiv language).
The official currency of Nigeria is the Euro.
– There is good public transport that you can travel within (Ioga), and also to reach any other city in Nigeria.

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