These trips are based on the opinions of experts, to provide trips to the African safari that meet different tastes and needs, you will find a display of safari trips that suit newlyweds for their honeymoon, as well as family and group trips, and trips for natural lovers, which is what Africa is famous for.

Best countries for African safari

It is located in Botswana, Kenya, Ronda, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and has a variety of options to suit all tastes from the nature reserves that we can only see through television, picturesque tropical beaches, or animals that roam freely in a breathtaking view, camping, or exploring the jungle Walk on the foot .

The best African safari

East Africa trips in Mara, Crater and Serenje

This type of African safari trips is suitable for different tastes and needs, as it suits newlyweds and families as well as nature lovers, as this trip extends to several countries, starting from Kenya Masai Mara region and then Serengeti in Tanzania and Lake Manyara, and this trip represents a unique opportunity to enjoy With the African wildlife up close and watching the animal migration.

Honeymoon safaris in Cape Town

This region is considered one of the best and most famous places that suit romantic trips, especially those of newly married couples for their honeymoon. For the duration of the trip, couples can enjoy drinks, food and scenic views in addition to the distinctive trip to the Kruger Reserve.

Private safaris in Botswana and Zimbabwe

It is a fairly long journey that extends for a longer period because it includes enjoying multiple regions in South Africa. The start comes from the Okavago Delta, which is located in the north of Botswana, and from there it goes to Victoria Falls as well as Hwang National Park. The trip ends in the unique Matobos in Zimbabwe, and in those The trip can enjoy the guidance of the trip advisor, which provides safety and a great experience.
This type of safari is suitable for all tastes, whether groups, family trips or honeymooners.

Safari trips Kenya and Tanzania in Masai Mara and Selous Reserve

You can enjoy the wildlife on this trip that runs between Masai Mara, Serengeti and Crater and finally comes to Selous Reserve, and perhaps what distinguishes this trip is camping and accommodation in personal tents.
The trip includes enjoying seeing bird migration, horse riding and exploring on foot, and this trip is suitable for all times of the year and all tastes.

Tanzania safaris and watching gorillas in Uganda

This trip represents the ideal choice for those looking for the real content of safari trips and this trip extends for a long time as well, so that travelers can enjoy cultural encounters with the Batwa people and the wonderful views of Africa through balloon trips in the sky of Masara Mara, and there are exploratory trips that take place in the Boende Forest Reserve Located in Uganda to enjoy watching gorillas.
This trip is suitable for a family atmosphere, honeymoon and groups.

Adventure trips to both Namibia and Botswana

Namibia and Botswana The spirit of wildlife and scenic South Africa, and what distinguishes this trip is the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of that life where the beauty of nature in Namibia and enjoy the games in the world parks of Botswana.
Passengers can enjoy desert camps, sleep in the open, balloon rides, quad bikes, mountain bikes and see petrified forests, and this trip is suitable for all tastes.

Safari from Cape Town to Tanzania and Zanzibar by rail

Train trips are one of the most beautiful trips that you can take, as this trip lasts for three weeks on one of the luxury trains. The train passes on famous landmarks of Tanzania and tropical beaches until reaching Cape Town and Dar es Salaam. The trip includes seeing the Victoria Falls and mountains on the road, and the most important What distinguishes her is that the passengers will be on the train free of malaria or endemic diseases.

Safari sightseeing scenery in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the African countries that have a wonderful wildlife and natural life, so this trip is considered one of the most beautiful trips that can be taken in Africa, starting from Tarangira National Park and enjoying safaris on foot, and drinking fresh coffee in Arusha, and then travel to the Nogoronjo region, including To the Serengeti Nature Reserve, where the journey ends.

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