Turkey attracts huge numbers of tourists during the winter season, with snowfall. The volume of winter tourism increases greatly due to the beautiful winter activities such as skiing, helicopters and cable cars.

And other beautiful activities of the ice season, but today what most tourists in Turkey are Lake Çıldır tourism and fishing like the way Eskimos.

With the decrease in temperatures in Turkey, a number of lakes begin to freeze, the most important of which is Lake Gilder, located in the state of Ardahan, one of the most important Turkish provinces located in the eastern region of Anatolia in the far east, in the winter, the temperature drops below zero, the area of ​​the state is about 5,496 km.

Tourists, whether from the Turks or from outside Turkey, start going to the lake and enjoy a number of distinctive activities, the most important of which is fishing in the manner of fish, making a craft inside the ice and putting nets in it for fishing, or opening periods over the frozen lake and throwing the hook while waiting for fishing. The fish in the lake are characterized by good types and their meat Delicious one fish length of half a meter or more, one of the beautiful tourist activities is to enjoy the camel rides on Arab horses.

Lake Guildtur is called Lake Shadows. It is a large freshwater lake in the northeast of Turkish territory. It is located at 41.0425 ° N 43.2552778 ° E, close to the border with Georgia and Armenia. Lake Çıldır is located at an altitude of about 1900 meters (6,200 feet) surrounded by an icy area Mountain with an area of ​​123.00 km2 (47.49 sq mi), and a maximum depth of about 42 meters (138 feet) in the summer, marine water is used for irrigation in the winter, with the lake freezing in abundant tourism activity.
It is very distinctive night parties, barbecues and barbecues held by tourists after the lake after a busy day of distinguished activities and fishing in the lake, perhaps one of the most beautiful activities that can be practiced in the winter in Turkey is Eskimo fishing if you are a fan of photography of course you will pick up a number of The image is very distinctive to fish, hunters, carriages that horse and ice shake with the mountain and night barbecues.

And you can ski on the sea ice, the nearest hotels in the state, the state does not have a large tourist activity except in winter only. The hotels are somewhat modest but beautiful and characterized by cleanliness. There are some hotels in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir that offer a one-day trip program or a day and night trip to a lake with a program You can ask the hotel about the foreign tourist programs or subscribe through a travel agency in Istanbul to reach the lake and enjoy fishing and enjoy adventures on the ice and take photographs that are very distinguished and creative ..

Don’t forget to take your Eskimos and fishing gear when you hike the navy

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