Disneyland Paris is the largest amusement park complex in Europe, suitable for adults and children. It is located in Paris, 40 km from the center of Paris, in an area called Marne-la-Vallee. Disneyland Paris includes two theme parks and seven company hotels.

Types of Disneyland Paris tickets

There is a difference in the prices of Disneyland Paris tickets, according to their duration and validity period during the year. Disneyland Paris ticket prices change every six months. The following are the types of tickets and their advantages:

The ticket is MINI MINI

It is valid for one Friday Monday through July and August, and the ticket can include one or two parks.

The Magic Ticket MAGIC

It is valid for one day throughout the year except for school vacation periods, and the ticket can include one or two parks.


This ticket is valid throughout the year and has no exceptions, and it may include one or two parks.

SEJOUR residence ticket

It is valid for two days, three days, or four days, within a year after purchasing it, and those days must be within one week where the ticket expires on the eighth day when used for the first time, and the ticket is inclusive of two parks.

Things to do in Disneyland Paris

Meet your favorite characters

Visiting Disneyland Paris will not be complete until you meet your favorite characters, there are many opportunities to do so in each of the Disney parks, if you want to meet the Disney family, be sure to visit Princess Pavilion in Disneyland, you do not know exactly who you will meet here, but You can see the likes of Cinderella, Rapunzel, the sleeping beauty, and at Walt Disney Studios, you will be able to approach heroes like Spider-Man and the clitoris fly, and do not leave without seeing Don Mickey Mouse, you will find him waiting to give you a big hug in Fantasyland in Disneyland .

Visit the sleeping beauty’s beautiful castle

The iconic Disney Sleeping Castle is an icon of Disneyland Paris, instantly recognizable, and is one of the first things you will see when entering the park. Try to locate the hidden dragon while you are there. This life-size dragon (also known as Maleficent He hides below the entrance to the castle, if you dare wake her up, you will hear his loud voice.

Watch the Disney heroes on the motorcade

Make sure you have a good viewing place early because you don’t want to miss this, you will see your favorite characters across the park on a procession, you will discover familiar faces from the Lion King, the Jungle Book, Toy Story and others, plus you will see my Disney sisters Elsa and I on their ice raft, and there Music, dance and fire from the dragon, usually performed early in the evening but be sure to check the exact time when you arrive so you do not miss the opportunity.

Take a tour of Walt Disney Studios

When you tour Walt Studios you will be able to go behind the scenes to discover some movie secrets, you will climb on the tram, and you will take an exciting tour behind the scenes, and you see many movie shooting sites, be prepared to see a lot of special effects close-up.

Amusement park rides

There are a lot of great games in Disneyland Paris, and we suggest trying to reconcile as many as possible during your visit, and there are games suitable for all ages, and if you are a fan of excitement and awe make sure you ride to games like Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock Roll n ‘Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, because they are one of the most popular games in Disneyland Paris.

Closing the day with a lighting show

It is an amazing night show that takes place every night in Disneyland Paris, you will enjoy watching a wonderful view in front of the sleeping beauty beautiful castle, showing dazzling light pictures of classic Disney characters on the castle walls where you will see moments from your favorite Disney movies including the Snow Queen and the Lion King and Star Wars Pirates of the Caribbean, the beautiful, the monster and others.

Watch the new Mickey Villarmagic show

This wonderful show revives the memories of Disney movies in four-dimensional technology, you will join Batout on a tour full of some of the most memorable songs in the history of Disney animation, you will enjoy with Aladdin and the beautiful and the monster and the lion the king and much more, this show is something you will remember for a while Long after your visit to Disneyland Paris ends.

Star Wars Hyper Space Mountain Experience

If you are a Disney fan you certainly heard about the famous Space Mountain trip, but in 2017 this popular trip received an exciting new transformation of Star Wars, and it became the new Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, where the new Star Wars was added. “For that exciting journey to become full of wonderful elements that will make it an unforgettable trip.

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