A US contracting company designed an exotic swimming pool of its kind on the roof of a 40-storey residential tower in Houston, Texas. The pool is 500 feet above street level, giving swimmers a unique view of the city that can be seen clearly through the glass below the pool.

The pool was made of 8-inch thickened glass and called “Sky Bowl” or “Sky Pool”, and the contracting company ensured that the pool’s visitors would not feel intimidated because the glass is so strong and completely safe. On the other hand, this pool is the first of its kind in the world and it opened in October 2016, and it extends 10 feet outside the roof of the building so that the pool users feel that they float in the air.

Market Square Tower residents can enjoy this strange experience, and those wishing to live this experience can rent a small studio with an area of ​​564 square feet in the tower, approximately $ 2100 per month, or one of the luxury loft apartments with an area of ​​2.993 square feet can be rented at a cost of approximately 20 thousand USD. The tower includes a regular swimming pool for those who are afraid of heights on the fourth floor of the building.

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