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One of the most important things that the Sultanate of Oman is known for is the incense with different attractive scents.

They are high quality incense that is beautifully crafted using unparalleled herbs and natural fragrances.
Incense is also sold for the flavor of fruits that many people love and are interested in buying them as premium gifts.

Omani honey and dates

Omani honey is one of the purest types of honey found in the world, and it is exported to various countries.

If you love honey, we advise you to buy the right amount of the purest types of honey sold there. You can also buy the finest types of dates.
You will find these products in various Omani stores and popular markets that are keen to serve tourists and provide them with high quality products.

Pottery products

In the Sultanate of Oman there are many wonderful pottery products that are manufactured by the most skilled workers and craftsmen.

Among the most important of these products are pots, vases, crockery and other things.
These things are usually used as kitchen utensils and as distinctive elements of interior decoration.

Different types of perfumes

Whatever your general taste, you will find the perfume that suits you in the popular Amman markets and general stores.
The fragrances found there are original and distinctive fragrances that are made up of fresh floral notes and fruity scents as well.
You can buy whatever fits your budget from them, and choose some of them as a wonderful and attractive gift for loved ones and friends.

Bedouin jewelry made of silver

Bedouin silver jewelry is one of the types of jewelry that is popular with many tourists from all over the world.
Their shapes and sizes vary in size and motifs, and they also look great.
Most of the women, tourists and locals, take it as one of the most important elements of women’s decorations.

Omani daggers

Omani daggers look like an ancient masterpiece with their very impressive motifs and patterns, and they are sold in various stores located there.

It is also considered one of the most beautiful gifts that give your kitchen an ancient mythical character.
But you must first make sure that you can take these daggers along with you on your flight because it may prevent you from entering it for security reasons.

Traditional artefacts

The Omani people are interested in manufacturing a set of exquisite craftsmanship that is handcrafted.
Among the most important of these products are woven baskets, fabric, mats, decorative covers that are placed on camels and other products that are popular with everyone.

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