A recent survey on the population of the United Arab Emirates, conducted by Disney Descents – the most prominent tourist and leisure destinations in the world – revealed the emotional elements when modern families spend a valuable time together.
91 percent of parents feel equal or increased levels of satisfaction with the time they spend with their children during their family vacations, with 7 out of every 10 Emiratis indicating that bonding and reconnection as a family is their preferred ingredient in family vacations.

Residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai rated the interconnectedness and reconnection with the family as a key component when planning family holidays (63 percent and 58 percent), while the “taking a break from work / school routine” is the most attractive feature for participants from Sharjah (68 percent).
For younger families aged 19-29, “separation from technology” is essential when planning family vacations (23 percent), long working hours (68 percent) and the use of technology and social media (38 percent) are classified as common features In a modern lifestyle that impedes the creation of valuable family moments in everyday life. Disney destinations give families an opportunity to communicate with each other in positive ways, by providing strategically innovative technical points, to create memories and to encourage them to change the way they deal with technology to enrich their family experiences.

Peter Welch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Disney Descriptions, said: “As everyday life becomes more and more complex, vacations have become a vital and essential part of the calendar. The trips give us the opportunity to improve our routine in a positive way, so we separate from technology and communicate with family and friends, which creates moments and memories that will last a lifetime.
Andriotis, a mental health specialist, commented, “Our lives are filled with daily stresses that accumulate throughout the year. These daily stresses may affect physical and mental health. But by spending an organized holiday full of family activities and valuable family time, you can relieve stress and break the usual routine. So, take a break, try to create memories, connect with your loved ones, enjoy delicious food and various activities, get enough sleep and lie in the sun. ”

Generations of families visit Disney destinations together to live, in fact, stories they have loved since childhood. The adults convey the magic of the Disney’s timeless stories to the younger ones, introduce them to iconic universes like Star Wars, and give them a chance to meet their childhood heroes, such as Mickey Mouse, from classic films throughout generations. In the end, Disney’s distinctions are places that provide what family members of all ages need to reconnect throughout the year, with a range of comprehensive holiday options that suit all individuals of all ages and interests.
Disney Descendents provides a group of the most charming entertainment destinations in the world, such as Disneyland Paris, which is the first tourist destination in Europe and includes two entertainment cities and 8 hotels and resorts.

And Walt Disney World in Orlando – which includes four theme parks, and more than 30 hotels, with a variety of stores and restaurants in Disney Springs.
Disney Cruise is a leader in family and leisure cruises for all ages, allowing families to explore amazing locations in Alaska, Europe, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and more.

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