The latest surveys revealed the search engine and the world’s leading application in the field of travel, the most prominent trends in the population of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries when traveling during the current summer season. The questionnaire was conducted over a period of two months on the main page of the site, and polled more than a thousand participants on several aspects, including selected travel destinations, preferred period and residence patterns, in addition to the most important features that motivate them to choose a destination and not others.

The results of the survey showed that more than 75% of the participants plan to travel during the current summer season, and 37.7% chose to go to Asia, to be the most popular destination, followed by Europe with 28%, while the Middle East came in third place with 11.7% of Participants (outside the Emirates).
When asked about their preferred travel time, 42% indicated their intention to spend more than 14 days, while only 4% chose short travel periods that range from one to three days. In terms of the most important features in the chosen destinations, family destinations ranked first with 29% of the participants, followed by relaxation experiences with 26%, cultural experiences with 18%, while adventure experiences ranked only with 9% of the participants ’choices.

As for travel preferences, 35% of respondents expressed their desire to travel alone, while 33% indicated their intention to travel with their families. Finally, apartments or homes were the preferred accommodation option for the majority of participants (30%), followed by boutique hotels (24%), and luxury hotels and resorts (23%).
To meet the wishes and preferences of the travelers mentioned in the questionnaire, and to assist those who wish to travel who have not yet chosen their preferred destination, the Sky Scanner app launched the new “family destinations” and “summer season” offers. Travelers can view the contents of the two categories by downloading the application and clicking on the “Explore” box.

Here are the four main family destinations this summer:

Paris France
The city of Paris includes an endless array of options and activities appropriate for children, starting from watching the giant whale structures in the comparative anatomy and anatomy exhibition at the Natural History Museum (at 2 Rue Buffon, and it opens daily from 10 am until 6 pm at a cost of entry of 7 euros per person One *), or explore the unique atmosphere of the Museum of Magic (at 11 Rue Saint Paul, and opens its doors on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm until 7 pm at a cost of entry of 10 euros for adults and 8 euros for children), and contains a distinguished collection that includes more than 100 devices Exotic mechanics, in addition to a lot of tools T used in the world of magic and magic tricks. In addition, the La Villette Park embraces a wide range of game arenas and destinations within the Jardin de Don Ad Phone, which includes a number of giant jogging wheels, an interesting sliding track, as well as other activities that ensure the maximum fun for children. Parents can always spend the most wonderful time with their children on Disneyland Paris on the outskirts of the city.
Direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Paris take 7 hours and 10 minutes, and their prices start from AED 3,309.

Lisbon, Portugal
Traveling around Lisbon is a fun activity for all the family, as the red-colored tram trains pass through all the historical sites of the city. Visitors are also able to purchase daily tickets that enable them to use these trains for a full day. While the distinctive amphibious vehicles driven by the company “Hypo Trip” offer an unforgettable trip for travelers, as they carry them on their water buses to the most famous landmarks of the city, before heading on a unique excursion across the Tagus River. At the top of the hill overlooking the city, lies the famous São George Castle, which dates back to the eleventh century (it opens daily from 9 am to 9 pm at an entrance cost of 8.50 euros), which is unique for its charming views of the Portuguese capital. In addition, children can experience an unparalleled experience by visiting the camera room with a 360-degree imaging angle within the Ulysses Tower in the castle (it opens from 10 am to 5 pm), as well as exploring many art galleries that display a wide variety of Citadel monuments, which include holdings from the Moroccan era of rule over the region, dating back more than 1000 years.
Direct flights from Dubai to Lisbon take 8 hours and 10 minutes, and their prices start from AED 2,734

Bali, Indonesia
Bali embraces a wide range of spa options that allow families to enjoy an experience that gives them relaxation and relaxation, while at the same time it contains many distinct activities that provide experiences suitable for all family members. Visitors can head to the Monkey Forest to learn about these animals, or embark on a wild adventure to explore animals coming from Africa and around the world within the “Bali Safari” water park, in addition to the night safari trip. The “Bird Garden” is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali, as it contains about a thousand birds from 250 different species. As for those wishing to experience the most beautiful and authentic heritage experiences in the region, they can enjoy watching the sunset within the “Pura Tanha Lot”, which is one of the most famous historical destinations on the island.
Direct flights from Dubai to Bali take 9 hours and 5 minutes, and their prices start from AED 3,435

Madrid, Spain
The Spanish capital is unique for its vibrant cultural and artistic nature, hosting a wide range of museums and art galleries, as well as many architectural artifacts. Thanks to its abundant gardens and food markets, Madrid is an ideal destination to explore with family members.
Visitors can take a stroll in the ‘El Retro’ garden, which is similar to the design of the palaces gardens in the eighteenth century, or head to the “Crystal Palace” and explore the surrounding areas, sit on the lake shore and enjoy the lights and colors it reflects, as well as its varieties of ducks and turtles. And birds. As for those looking for more lively experiences, the surrounding area of ​​the park provides them with many options for activities, exhibitions, art parties and puppet shows, in addition to a wide range of street artists and traditional shows.
The traditional Mercado de San Miguel market is also one of the most popular local destinations, redesigned to offer unparalleled contemporary dining experiences. The market offers the possibility to taste a wide variety of food samples for amounts that sometimes amount to 1 euro, and sometimes they are offered free of charge, allowing visitors to choose the dishes that best suit their tastes. The market embraces many food options that include cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, sushi, seafood, chocolate varieties, frozen yogurt, and juices, prepared from the freshest ingredients. Visitors also have an exceptional experience within the market that allows them to experience an endless variety of flavors and delicacies, which are complete with natural sunlight that floods the building to reflect the beauty of its iron and glass structure.
Direct flights from Dubai to Madrid take 7 hours and 45 minutes, and their prices start from AED 2,751

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