Half Moon Beach (Half Moon)

Whoever searches for fun, excitement and excitement, he should go to the coast where there are several beaches along the half-moon bay, the vast majority of which are family beaches; the beaches have multiple places with abundant shade, the waters of the half-moon bay are calm and free from currents and of course they are very safe for swimming and games Aquatic activities are also available on the coast, many activities and hobbies such as fishing and other things. Half-moon beach also includes a special section of a group of sand dunes, congratulations to lovers of sand dune climbing by ATV vehicles because it is the most common activity in the coast; there is also a hotel with services An advantage to provide all amenities for your visitors.

Dana Bay Beach has stunning magical scenery where the dense sand of golden color and clear waters is an example to be exemplified in beauty, and it is also the most suitable place to spend weekends and vacations, Dana Bay Beach occupies a distinguished location on the half-moon coast where it is located in the Kingdom And specifically in the eastern region, and the beach includes many residential areas of various kinds, which are characterized by the luxury of the view.

The upscale Moevenpick Resort & Private Beach

Movenpick Resort is characterized by sophistication, which combines the authenticity and fragrant of the authentic Arab past and the modernity of the western renewal; the resort contains a set of enormous architectural designs, and also has many different services means, as well as a gymnasium, a swimming pool equipped and equipped with the latest international technology, there is also A wellness center and quite a number of restaurants; the resort represents the best beach in Dammam if you want to spend your vacation or renew your life with a start that is not the same as it is, all you have to do is go to that five-star resort, and won many rewards deservedly.

Dammam Corniche

The Dammam Corniche is characterized by its attractive nature and its ability to bring visitors to it from various places, whether near or far, it is described with a magical beauty that the mind and the human forget all his concerns and sorrows, so if you are a new visitor then you should visit the city of Dammam without enjoying it and experience the truth of what is said about him Dammam Corniche is located in the Arabian Gulf region, the Corniche enjoys surrounded by gardens full of tall trees and beautiful plants, i.e. views that relax the eye of the viewers; carnival shows are held for the enjoyment of young people, and there are many sports activities such as running and hiking, as well as activities that Verah to satisfy all tastes.

King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park is considered one of the largest projects on the Dammam Corniche, the park offers many of the most wonderful services for its valued customers, as it has all kinds of amenities so as not to lose one of their visitors, with huge designs all available in a modern style; it is really a place he intended Beauty lovers.

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