Learn about the list of the most beautiful places of tourism in New Zealand 2020, do you want to spend an unparalleled vacation, and experience many exciting and unforgettable activities, and create some happy memories; your destination must be New Zealand, because of the wonderful tourist places that are able to Rearrange your mental health, so Arab travelers decided to take you on an amazing tour, follow us.

List of the most beautiful tourist destinations in New Zealand 2020

New Zealand glaciers

The Joseph Glacier River and Fox Glacier is located in New Zealand on the southwest coast of the island, and you can admire the most beautiful glacial landscapes. The waters of those rivers descend from the Poteni National Park “Westland Thai” which is located at the highest peak of the Alps in the south, which makes it an experience Unique, where you can climb the formations of high glaciers, and you can enjoy the most beautiful glaciers in these rivers, in addition to that you can ride helicopters intended for tourism in this region to view rivers from above.
Tourism in New Zealand 2020

Milford Strait, New Zealand

Milford Strait is located in southwestern New Zealand, as it is on the list of the global heritage of humanity, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in New Zealand, where he receives a huge number of tourists every year, you can enjoy the experience of a water trip in this Strait through boats, or various boats dedicated For tourist trips, this is in addition to enjoying these picturesque aspects by walking.
This strait is known for its whales and dolphins, and it also has the color of the mighty green surrounding it, as it is one of the most picturesque places in the world.

Gulf of New Zealand islands

Bay of Islands is located in New Zealand in the north of Auckland, and it is one of the most important tourist destinations in New Zealand that receives large numbers of tourists from different parts of the world, and these islands consist of 144 islands. You can experience a unique experience in these islands through water trips by yacht cruising around Islands, and its vicinity, enable semi-tropical forests to pass through the cities on the coast.
This is in addition to enjoying watching dolphins, whales settling in this water, or individual boat rides, and kayaking in islands waters.

Queenstown New Zealand

Amid the shores of Lake Wakatipu and the peaks of the Remarkables Mountains, Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s top tourist destinations that receives massive numbers of tourists from all over the world every year.
You can enjoy trying various activities out there, such as biking, bungee jumping, windsurfing, paragliding, downhill skiing, and many other fun activities.

Tongariro Park, New Zealand

Tojarriero National Park in New Zealand is characterized by its volcanic nature, its water tends to turquoise color, and it is considered one of the most important world heritage sites, because of its importance in the Marwi culture, in addition to that it is one of the oldest national parks in the world, and is called “land Beauty ”as it includes lakes, high volcanoes, mountains, fountains, and enchanting nature.

Rotorua New Zealand

Rotorua is one of the most famous tourist areas in New Zealand, because of its different charming nature. It is the hottest thermal subterranean region in the world, and includes many boiled mud ponds and volcanic pits. You can try walking in this area, or fishing, Or enjoy watching hot springs and rock heaters.

Tourism in Oakland

Oakland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is one of the most important natural reserves in the world; it includes a large number of animals, ranging from 100 species to 126 species, and extends over an area of ​​more than 790 square kilometers, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Auckland New Zealand, and you can Through it all animals can be seen without cages, or insulators.

Kelly Tarleton Aquarium New Zealand

Kelly Tarleton Aquarium Auckland New Zealand is one of the most prominent landmarks in Auckland, and it is divided into several sections, including the section on the Pacific and sharks, the section on Antarctica and Penguins, and the section on other different types of fish; you can visit through a visit a lot of fun.

Today in this article, we presented on the Arab Arab Travelers website a group of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand, through which you can experience a lot of fun and enjoyment, follow the new Arab travelers.


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