An integrated guide to Montreal, one of the most famous and largest cities in Canada, which is characterized as one of the largest global seaports, as it is a beacon of culture and education in Canada, and is the second city in the world whose inhabitants speak the French language after Paris, and also has many tourist attractions and monuments The important thing that made it attract a lot of tourists and visitors, so we will learn through today’s article in Arab travelers about some important information about Montreal, its population, climate and economy in addition to education and the most important tourist places in it, so follow us.

Canadian city of Montreal

  • The history of Montreal dates back to the French sailor Cartier who, by sailing on the Saint Laurent River, was able to discover an island called Montreal in the sixteenth century AD.
  • And Montreal fell under the influence of the English occuAl Bahahn, and after that was signed an agreement to be affiliated to Canada, which made it witness many of the developments and achievements that helped its rise and progress.

the citizens

  • The population reaches a little more than a million, and most of the city’s origin is from France, and there is a large proportion of the population of British descent, in addition to some other nationalities from various European countries.
  • The city is not without Arab origins, and the Arabs constitute about 5% of the total population there.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Montreal

Montreal includes many tourist places, which are considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Canada, which has a magnet for many tourists in the world, and is characterized by its charming nature due to the presence of the famous Saint Laurent River, which gives it a special kind of beauty, and we can not mention the rapprochement between the ancient buildings Ancient and modern that talk about the splendor of history and the beauty of civilization in different eras, and the most important tourist attractions there:

First: Chinatown

  • When visiting Chinatown, you can go back to the past and remember the Chinese workers building it during their time in the city, but they soon moved to other cities.
  • You can enjoy calm in this neighborhood and eat delicious meals too.

Second: Green Paradise

  • The term green paradise is a common term for Mont Royal, which is gardens that rise to more than 200 meters above the surface of the earth, which makes the tourist enjoy a lot of sightseeing from the top, as he can stroll among greenery and enjoy nature away from pollutants.

Third:Sherbrooke Street

  • It is considered one of the most important streets of Montreal, as it includes many important museums and monuments, and the museums there contain important and valuable exhibits that tell you the history of the city and even the history of Canada, and there is also McGill University, one of the city’s most famous universities.

Fourth: the Olympic stadium

  • And who hosted the Olympics in the seventies of the twentieth century, and when you visit the stadium you will enjoy a lot of watching crawlers, plants and animals, as you can take memorial photos with them.

Fifth: The Botanical Garden

  • Among the most attractive areas, which includes a group of carved plants and designed in the form of animals, birds and various shapes.
  • You will also enjoy wandering among the fruit trees as you watch birds fly around you and enjoy the lakes there.

Sixth: The Church of Notre Dame

  • It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Montreal where you can see sound and light shows that tell the story of the city’s discovery and construction.

Seventh: St. Denis Street

  • It is one of the streets that you will need to visit a lot due to the availability of many markets, restaurants and cafes in it.

Education in Montreal

  • Montreal has a number of schools and universities that have many city students.
  • The tension in relations between the population of English and other French origins has been reflected, as the French see the need for the French language to be the official language of education in Montreal, while Canadians believe that every student should choose the language he prefers in the study.

Culture in Montreal

  • It is a city and cultural center for Canada, where it is famous for the production of films and plays, as it adopts many art galleries and festivals that work to attract tourists from different countries of the world to see them.

Climate in Montreal

  • The city is characterized by very low temperatures in winter and snowfall, while in summer the temperature does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius, which makes the weather moderate and suitable for visiting.
  • Despite heavy snowfall during the winter, it has a strong infrastructure to help it resist any temperature drop.

Economy in Montreal

  • It is considered one of the most important centers in meat processing, thanks to its location in an agricultural region of Quebec, which makes its soil suitable for agriculture.
  • Its economy depends on many industries such as transportation equipment, clothing and oil.

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