The Rio Dolce River is plunged into an ecosystem resembling the richness of the Amazon jungle, extending its charm from Isabel Lake and feeding on a group of small rivers and finally merging into the Caribbean Sea, to form one of the most beautiful and most biodiverse places in Guatemala.
The waters of the river sparkle in the hot tropical sun, and are adorned with fresh ocean breezes, and boats anchor alongside swans that swim in the shade of green trees.
A traditional village is located on both sides of the river, and its wooden houses are littered with tall trees. Most of the locals work fishing. The valley located at the mouth of the river on the bay offers a unique beauty of its kind due to its dense vegetation that many local and migratory birds resort to. The water of the river enters through a valley separating the majestic mountains with high walls made of limestone that receive adventurers among their mysterious trees.

The river is about 200 meters wide and 30 to 50 meters deep. It is decorated with a group of small islands of different sizes. It is located on the banks of the largest lake in Guatemala, with an area of ​​235 square miles, surrounded by beautiful beaches in “El Estor”, “Mariscos” and “Playa Dorada” and provides visitors with a panoramic landscape.

Boat trips that reach many streams and waterways leading to the lake are a great adventure, and tourists can do all water sports activities. Activities on the banks of the Rio Dolce range, such as renting kayaks, visiting stunning waterfalls and walking in the woods, are complete by visiting the seven altars, colorful lakes and swimming.

The Caribbean city of Livingston is located in the delta and can only be reached by boat. The city beats with its inhabitants and resembles Jamaica with its brightly colored homes. The streets are enriched by reggae tunes mixed with Latin sounds to reach San Felipe Castle, which is a national monument. It was built in 1652 and was used as a line First defense against British pirates during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Amatic Bay contains white sandy beaches, forests and multiple picturesque sites, including “Punta Cocolí”, “Punta de Palma” and “Balneafama” which provide many eco-tourism activities that include trips to tropical pools filled with cold water, offset by a hot volcanic waterfall surrounded by picturesque farms It can be detected from over a horse.

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