Floating on the sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by primitive forests and white beaches vibrant marine life and decorated with coral reefs, where this group of islands is an empire a fun haven for nature lovers, adventure and tranquility.
Andaman Islands are strewn in splendid seclusion in the heart of the Bay of Bengal. These picturesque undulating islands consist of about 550 islands that are colored with green trees and melt under the sun’s violet rays.
This piece of paradise is located about 1400 kilometers from the eastern coast of India, and its capital, Port Blair, is the gateway to the archipelago and connects to the islands through cruises with daily ferries of various shapes.

The islands have an area of ​​8,249 square kilometers, but only 36 islands are inhabited by residents, who are a friendly mix of settlers in South and Southeast Asia, along with various ethnic groups.
The “Havelock” Islands and the “Neil Island” are the most popular among tourists because of their beautiful nature, white sands and palm-lined beaches that offer the best diving activities in India. The rest of the Virgin Islands are home to a number of wonderful beaches rich in plants and rare animals.

The main city is located in Port Baller and provides water activities such as diving, swimming and cruises along with touches of the history and culture of the region. The Aberdeen Bazaar is a vibrant downtown area filled with local and prestigious restaurants and hotels. This picturesque city also offers many adventures that include swimming with elephants, jet skiing, nature walks and wild bird watching.

On the other hand, the picturesque beaches of the largest island, Havelock, are very popular, and are characterized by coconut groves that surround its white sands where adventures do not stop.
Swaraj Dweep, while singing in its tranquil nature and its rainforests, invokes everyone to enjoy the joy and joy of the heavenly sea waters.

The famous Mahatma Gandhi Park consists of 15 islands of mangrove rocks, rain forests and the various coral reefs in which many colorful fish live, and is an ideal place for underwater diving and can be reached through daily cruises that start from “Wandoor Jetty”.
Linked to the islands of Smith and Ross twin white sandy dazzling, and are located two kilometers from Port Blair, a site rich with the effects of the prosperous past of the British on the island, which includes the church, homes, extensive gardens and dance halls, and it also has the best bakeries and restaurants that serve delicious local dishes.

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